Thursday, 1 April 2010

Roger Riller

Roger Riller loves rillers, he bought himself a new riller of the internet before coming out here to Finland. He got himself a toko riller with two different structures, today he bought a new red creek riller at a ski shop and managed to get €20 off the original price, he then went back to the ski shop later and asked if he could borrow their personal riller, they agreed, god know why they are not going to get it back. So now we have in total 7 different structures to use on our skis, but no test skis.... oh well im sure we can make an educated guess...
some Roger Riller facts
-Roger Riller has put all his rillers and different structures on the highest surface of the room, so he can bow down and pray to them before he goes to sleep.
-Roger Riller keeps a riller in his breast pocket, close to is heart and so it protects him if he wonders onto a biathlon range... again.
-Roger Riller passes off athletes who shave their legs as a mere fad, however it is a well known fact that he rills his own legs before longer runs.
-Roger Riller is a great fan of Bjorndallen, before he starts waxing he walks on hot coals to prepare his mind. He is known to use a coarse structure riller on his feet to increase surface area and intensify the effect.
-Roger Riller is known to shun Birnie Ecclestone at any opportunity after the later throughout Roger's proposal to disallow tyre changes but only allow structures to be pressed into slick tyres and structures to be changed.
-Roger Riller's baggage allowance has reduced after he decided that you only need one pair of well structured skis, no waxes or wax boxes and only rillers as structure is clearly more important than wax and arguable the ski itself. It is still considered a myth that he once said that structure is more important than the athlete.
-Some people claim the skier in the best shape will win the race, some people say the best skier with the best skis will win the race. Roger Riller says "an elephant can win the race if he is on well structured skis".
- Some claim Roger Riller is forged from molten rillers and has liquid cera running through his vains.
-Roger Riller challenged Chuck Noris to a race, Chuck laughed, Roger rilled his feet, Chuck cried.
-Roger Riller refuse to use cars or planes as a mode of transport as he feels they are a waste of metal that could have been sued to make rillers.
-After Peter Northug won the 50km at the olympics in Vancouver, Roger Riller congratulated him on his well rilled skis.

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  1. LOL!!!
    I like Roger Riller .... especially his relationship with Bernie Eccleston!!