Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Training, roller ski racing and bit and bobs.

So it is now mid June, and summer training is well under way. (although the summer weather isn't). This month my training has taken another step up and is a little bit tougher after a relatively easy month in May. Training is going well, with a few interval sessions creeping in it is starting to be a lot more enjoyable.
Last weekend we made a camp out of the British roller ski champs, over in the Cairngorm region. The camps' main focus was development and to get some of the younger skiers used to being away from home for training. One of the major tasks was shopping for and cooking our evening meal... writing the shopping list i explained that "we are having spaghetti Bolognese, we have the bolognese so what else to we need?"
the reply "bread" was a little bit shocking but when backed up with the argument "if i was italian i would have bread with that meal." i can kind of see where they were coming from.
Apart from that i think the camp ran pretty well with some good training sessions and the roller ski hill climb race on the sunday. I raced pretty bad, for no obvious reason, i just couldn't go as fast as i would have liked.

Living pretty far north hear in scotland i am enjoying the long evenings of the summer, i find them a great time to train. Next Monday, as you may know, is the longest day. So the plan is for a mid summer evening bike ride, should be fun. (if its nice weather).

i think thats all for now


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