Friday, 13 August 2010


It has been a while since my last post, so to fill in the gap i will give a short brief out line of what i have been up to. I went to the first week of the British team training camp In Nethy Bridge, i left early on Friday to head out here to Norway, to NTG Geilo. I started training here on Saturday and have been getting settled in.

Yesterday was my first interval session i had to do on my own here, On tuesday i had been introduced to the "interval hill". A climb similar in length to that of the Cairngorm Hill Climb roller ski race. And for those of you who know the road, the steepest section of the lift road is about the constant gradient of this climb. So its pretty tough. On tuesday i had an awful day and stopped the intervals after the 1st rep. The road was pretty bumpy and it was tricky to ski with 2 deep grooves where car tyres normally roll.
Yesterday couldn't be any more different to tuesday. A, i was in much better shape. And B they were in the middle of resurfacing the road. At the bottom of the climb i spoke to the road worker who said i could go up, just to be careful of the cars coming down as it was 1 way traffic. After about 1min into my first interval i was finding it pretty tough going, i realised that the reason for this was the fact the tarmac i was skiing on was newly laid and so acting like deep wet slushy snow, not only that but my wheels were actually digging in and leaving tracks in the tar. And my pole tips left massive holes in the tar.
After the road works I carried on up the climb to be greeted by the road worker stopping the traffic at the top chanting and encouraging me on in Norwegian. So eventually i reached the top and skied cautiously along the plateau section at the top so as not to disappear down the other side and crash off some cliff or something. I did my last interval back and fourth on the flat section at the top. The hill i came up is far to steep and long to ski down so i had taped my trainers to my bottle belt, switched my shoes over and walked down. The workmen on the way down joked with me about how the thought i was going to ski down as well. i got back to section were i could put my skis on and skied home.
Pretty eventful session....


  1. well,those workmen were kind not to complain about the damage you did to their beautiful surface!! can you imagine in UK what they would say???

  2. Yeah i know, I dont think they had finished on the section i ruined, i think the still had more to do.