Thursday, 2 September 2010

4 seasons - 1 month

I have been here in Norway for almost a month now. I can definitely say i have had a taste of all the seasons in this relatively short time that i have been here.
Last sunday i went out for a 2 and a half hour roller ski session. It was raining pretty hard when i left the apartment but after 45min further up the hill it was no longer rain but a complete Blizzard with about 10m of visibility. After an hour i decided it was probably a good idea to turn around. On the way down the hill at higher speeds, i froze completely. I got back to the apartment and took about 10min to get the key out of my pocket and open the door. I then proceeded to set the record for the worlds longest hot shower to warm back up to normal.
At nights the temperature is now dropping bellow freezing, a sign that winter is truly on its way. It is a dramatic difference from my first few days here with true British summer shorts and t-shirt weather. Or "ice cream" weather.
The Autumn Brings with it an awkward situation for a cross country skier. It can be difficult to train on roller skis because of ice on the roads or grit on the roads. Not enough snow to ski on but too much to roller ski. Wet but not snowing. And of coarse this is a time of year were training cant just be skipped because there aren't perfect conditions. So fingers crossed for a dramatic, sudden change from dry cool weather to really cold snowy weather. There is always wishful thinking ;)
Other things that may be of interest to you - we recently discovered a ping pong table in the apartment block i am staying in (complete with bats or rackets???? and ball). So if the weather does turn sour we can always have a 3 hour training session of ping pong.
Also i completed the uphill roller ski test here with all the people who were sick a missed the test on the camp last week. So, after a late decision to change the session from 8.30 to 8am, i squeezed in a 15min warm up before starting off up the hill. It was a nice day for training actually, with a "fresh" temperature and no wind. I got to the top in 20.45 to set the fastest time of the "sick" people and second fastest overall to a first year. Not entirely happy about being beaten by someone 2 years my junior, but thats just the way things go.
This Blog seems to have grown in popularity, yet another person told me today that they had read my blog. With my last 2 blog posts i have gained a new "follower" each time. Whilst good that i am spreading the luv of cross country skiing through my experiences and adventures i am slightly worried that i will have to make it a little bit more P.C and actually do things like check for spelling. These are all things i deem completely pointless and a waste of time and effort. Besides the red wavy lines under words make it more interesting for me when i am typing :)
Now i have to go and learn some Norwegian so i actually know what i am supposed to be doing most of the time....

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  1. I much enjoy the Andrew reports, they are vibrant and full of activity.
    I look forward to the next one.
    Lots to do in the garden, getting piles of Simon prunings to the recycling tip.
    Love B.