Thursday, 9 September 2010

5 day with Jacko, 8 days hard Training.

Winter sports in Britain are small very small. Biathlon is even smaller, Cross country skiing smaller again. In fact if added xc skiing and Biathlon together they would probably still be one of the smallest winter sports in Britain. So when i received an email from british biathlete and fellow Vancouver Olympian Lee Jackson (Jacko) i was more than happy to help him out. He need accommodation here in Geilo for 5 nights and seeing as my apartment has a spare room (with no windows) i let him have the spare room. In return he promised to cook for me. He turned out to be quite a well accomplished cook although he still claims he hates cooking, he did seem to get quite into it and excited about what he was making. I think Jacko is quite well famed in british skiing and biathlon circles for his slightly off the wall attitude, training ideas and general thoughts on life. So seemed only natural that the evenings were spent discussing how to change the structure of British skiing, biathlon and any other sports we could think off. also how to make to world a better place. Detailed analyses of Marcel Laponders' new blog also took place.
On monday evening i got a call from Erik, (one of the guys at NTG) he had set up a slack line and a trampet in their garden. They invited us down. I think it was fair to say i was awful and have no balance or co-ordination what so ever. I am told, although i did not witness this, that Fredrik, one of the other guys from NTG, backflipped off the slack line onto the trampet. Impressive. I have to say that i know nothing about training or training principles other than i do what im told every day and it seems to work. .
Jacko left this morning, heading for the Norwegian summer Biathlon champs somewhere in southern norway, 6 hours from here. Of coarse i wish him the best of luck for his races and for a productive autumn into the winter.

As many of you will know, i misses the first camp here in Geilo as i had a bad cold. :( So to make up for missing some hard training i had 8 days from last wednesday until today of really intense hard training. Some of it went really well and some not so well. Generally though i am happy with the hard spell of training, there was a lot of intervals and a lot of hard work in the gym too. Today i had the best session right at the end. Its funny though because the session that i had the best feeling in, Geir came up to me afterwards and said "not such a good day?". The session i am least happy with he said to me "that was impressive". I guess thats why he's the coach. Now i look forward to a nice rest before the camp next monday where another hard period starts.

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