Monday, 27 September 2010


Last week there was no school here at NTG and so no team training. So when i was invited to spend the week in Oslo with Erik i was relieved i didn't have to spend a week here in Geilo on my own with very little to do. Oslo was great fun although we didn't do too much training and definitely made the most of our rest periods. We trained strength a couple of times, and i met some of the other athletes from Erik's club Rustad IL.
Erik took me on a guided tour of Oslo on thursday afternoon, and told me a very funny story involving a politician driving down a stair case outside the Palace in Oslo. The stairs in the picture above are those she drove down. Women drivers eh?
We also went to Oslo opera house - not to see an opera but to go on the roof. Yes you can walk right onto the roof and get a view out over the harbor in Oslo.
On saturday we traveled to Gjørvik to do a roller ski race. A classic sprint.
This was the worst race of my life, enough said.
On sunday we caught the train back up here to Geilo where snow is now lying on the tops of the mountains. The weather forecast looks really good but cold. -7 overnight and + 5 durning the day. It can play havoc with training as it is hard to roller ski on the ice. It is forecast for some snow again in a few days but who knows how long it will stay for.

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  1. Opera as opposed to American lady on daytime TV!