Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ice, rain, snow?

The weather here in Geilo is true autumn weather. We had a period of really cold overnights, as low as -7, leaving a nice thin lair of ice on the roads - perfect for roller skiing.

How to roller ski on ice. Pt 1 roller ski tuition
Remember watching bambi? well you feel like that. But with small gentle pushes and mainly relying on your poles to keep you up right it can be done. Skating that is. Classic is much more straightforward. Just dont kick because it wont help (no change from normal there then), dont go round sharp corners although you can do it you just feel like a rally driver when you start sliding. Again a good idea to use poles as balance aids in that situation.
Basically what im trying to say is dont do it.

After the cold period we have now received beautiful british autumn weather - constant rain.

How to roller ski in the rain. Pt 2 roller ski tuition
Roller skiing in the wet is remarkable like roller skiing in the dry with no obvious, clear dangers such as roller skiing in the ice. Apart from when you finish the session it looks like you have just got out of a swimming pool, it can be fun to do.
You have 2 options with roller skiing in the wet. 1) wear as little clothing as possible. - clothing only gets wet and keeps you cold. Skin repeals the water.
2) wear as much clothing as possible - waterproof jacket fends of the water and you stay dry and warm underneath. - you sweat so much it looks like you may as well just have not worn anything.
It is a good idea to invest in either mud flaps, heated floor or boot drier if you wish to make roller skiing in the wet one of your hobbies. Mud flaps can be made from a juice bottle costing 2.50NOK, heated floors can be found in most norwegian apartments and boot driers are for the few who have had the awful wet boot / day after syndrome.
Never Ever ask someone if you can borrow their boot drier. You will (as politely as is possible) be told where to (...) off to, and be told buy your own. And if you are scottish, no doubt some joke about being tight fisted will be thrown your way.
DO NOT do as some people have done and just remover a boot drier (no matter how dry the boots seem - they are NOT) from someones boots and put it in your own. That will have bad outcomes. Please note it is not from my own experience i have figured this out but from observing others.
In-between this rain and ice there has actually been some snow. A tiny a bit down here in Geilo, but at about 200 or 300m higher there is now a nice white covering. They actually had the snow cannons on at the alpine center here in Geilo but i have got now idea why. They turned them on when it was raining the ground was wet and when the forecast was for it to get to +7 later that day. So they produced a grand total of nothing, but never the less they were on!

Thats all for now, i will update you if i have anymore advice on how to roller ski in unfavorable weather conditions.


  1. hahaha - maria

  2. i find that advice very helpful and now:
    1. i will not roller ski on ice
    2. i will roller ski in rain
    2 a. without clothes or boots as it seems a waste of time to put them on and then have to dry them
    3. i will therefore not invest in a boot dryer for the non-existent boots
    4. i will do this in Geilo with a sign on my head 'I am AY's mad aunt' unless you pay me loads of dosh not to!

  3. Haha, well if you ever come here i will make sure to pay you well enough so you dont do that!!!!!

  4. and only 19 sleeps?
    what are you going to do when you retire?

  5. lunch! I already have 3 bookings for the first 2 weeks in November!!