Wednesday, 27 October 2010

spring? in october?

Over the past 24 hours it does actually feel like we have experienced the whole of winter and now it is spring here in Geilo. Last night the main road outside my apartment was completely black. This morning it was covered in snow and it was chucking it down with snow and showed now signs of letting up.
I went training in the gym at 8 for 1 hour 30, with the team. When we came out it was raining. It rained a lot all day, but i slept over lunch time and generally tried not too look outside as it was so depressing to see all the rain.
At 3:30pm when i went out for my second session, an easy ski with some sprints it was sunny. The thermometer in the ski stadium read 15 degrees C. No it was NOT actually that warm, i think a combination of the electronic thermometer being in the sun and it also reading a little high. but it was warm. All the snow that had fallen on the trees overnight was now melting and thick drips of water were leaving the trees. It was pleasant to train in just lycra trousers and a short sleeve top. True sognefjell clothing . (sognefjell is a place in norway they have ski trails often until august, last season it had all year round but this year the trails were gone by end of july)
So after being attacked by watery ice falling off trees i finished my session only for it to start raining again.
At the ski stadium they have now opened up a full loop so we dont have to go out and back now. There is a "4.5km" loop. They say 4.5 but i am highly doubtful it is even over 3. But sjusjoen (near lillehammer) has a 3.5km loop of man made snow, so now Geilo ha a "4.5km" loop they are claiming bragging rights to "the best" snow in norway to date.
The rain shouldnt affect the trails at the stadium as they are 40cm deep with man made snow that was made at really cold temperatures. So the temperature in the snow will remain well bellow 0.

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