Thursday, 4 November 2010

The 2 - piece race suit

This year has been really good for early snow here in Geilo, we have "4.5km" of tracks at the stadium of good man made snow and we have some other tracks of natural snow which aren't so good but still skiable. In the south of Norway the only other places with snow are Sjusjoen with a 4k track only and beitstolen, the location of the norwegian season opener.
As there are so few places with snow now people are coming here to Geilo to get their time on snow. As many people have been training here i have seen many people out training intervals and doing hard training sessions. Today i saw something that reminded me of one of my pet hates!
People wear race suits when they train hard... some one piece and some two piece. Now for me i dont really mind wearing a 2 piece race suit, thats what we wear on the British team, but i prefer one piece. But when i see people wearing a 2 piece without the top tucked in it drives me insane! Normally is is girls that do this.... the ones who are supposed to be all neat and tidy and take care of their appearance, but no, they like to look silly wearing their race suit top over the top of their bottoms. I had almost grown used to it and gotten over my hatred for it when today i saw a biathlete doing it! and it was a guy! what made it worse was that he was a small guy and clearly XS is still to big for him as the top was more like a night dress and came half way down his thighs... It is almost as if he didn't recognize he looked a little stupid. I am very disappointed that someone can have such little care in their appearance. As im sure any cross country skier will tell you "its not about skiing fast, its about looking good". But actually this ticks both the boxes of skiing fast and looking good... tucked in, neat and tidy = aerodynamic. And it means you dont look like an idiot.
Please skiers, for everybody who has to watch you ski, tuck your race suit top in! or wear a one piece!!!!


  1. Good article Andrew.
    We are going to the snow next Monday 15.11. to Siktivcar.There are no snow yet,but a lot of hopes.In Russia unusual warm this year.
    I'm going as a couch of our team young guys 93-94 for the camp and finally competition 8-12.12.2010
    I like you blog.You give me a lot of thoughts about training process.Thanks.Say hi you teammates.
    Yevgeny Gorbenko

  2. sorry not a couch.Its funny

  3. Hi Yevgeny!
    I think it is warm everywhere this year! there is little snow in norway only a few places have good conditions.
    Enjoy your trip to siktivcar!

  4. Hi Yevgeniy, how are you? We were talking about you only today in Hyde Park. There were 41 beginners! We miss your couching in London, but we're soldiering on.

    Andrew, great article. Sometimes the unsayable needs to be said, and the unspeakable spoken about. Hope all's going well and you're feeling strong. I also hope the spare SRB wheels reached you just in time for the snow!

    All the best,
    Iain B.

  5. What happens if you get beaten by some one who has not tucked there race suit in, what would you do

  6. Hi Iain,
    I got the spare srb wheels! Thanks for sorting that!
    Training is going well, i start racing in 2 weeks so looking forward to that now.
    stay tuned for more entertaining updates!

  7. Suicide is the only real option you have if you are beaten by someone who has not tucked in their race suit.

  8. Haha not quite, you could quit skiing and take up triathlon or tiddlywinks maybe chess? and other entertaining sports like that.