Friday, 26 November 2010

BULspinten or not BULsprinten

This year i had decided to open my season, at the Bulsprinten race weekend in Gaalaa. This last week there has been a lot of questions about whether we will actually go, or even if there will be a race. At first because of snow and secondly because of the cold temperatures. The snow problem was solved and they managed to make enough for a 3km track. However with temperatures forecast at well bellow -20 let a loan the racing limit of -18 C. The organizers of the race weekend claim that the stadium is specially located to receive warmer temperatures than what is forecast. However this seems to me to be like venues in Poland, that wanted to hold the world junior ski championships, claiming that they dont need snow cannons because of the micro climate that ensures them with good snow depth. The world juniors where later move because of lack of snow...
So due to the cold forecast NTG Geilo has decided not to go to Gaalaa, a little disappointing as i had proved last week that my skate sprinting is getting good and i looked forward to testing myself in a competition now.
The cold temperatures are still forecast until friday next week and even then it is not letting up much. By then we could be reaching highs in the middle of the day of -12 C.
Fortunately although i wont race this weekend it is only one week to wait. On sunday i am off to join up with the British Nordic Ski Team for a week. All of British skiings stars will be around and i look forward to meeting up with the team again. Thursday next week we will travel to idre, Sweden where we will race saturday, sunday. Definitely looking forward to some laddish behaviour from Rogger Riller ( ) and other going ons that are only found on the British team.

For now though i sit inside mainly all day as it is so damn cold! today i braved the elements for a 2 hour classic ski, and short trip to the shops but biking home was fiercely cold. Tomorrow is yet again meant to be another sub -20 day, so intervals on the spinning bikes are planned! im not sure if thats good or bad! Sweating you guts out and seemingly no results as you stay stationary... Also a gym session awaits tonight, i just hope someone has left the heaters on in there!
I also must congratulate Malcolm Cooper on his winning of "the Golden Boot". It seems there is more snow in the North east of scotland the anywhere else at the moment... Clash/lecht olympic bid soon?



  1. snow, snow and more snow in Lenzie today!

  2. ps - have found out why I can see your FB posts but can't comment - you haven't accepted my properly as a friend. which is fine, so don't worry about it!

  3. Plenty snow in Huntly, and it comes down as fast as you can clear. I have never before seen snow arriving all the time.

  4. Plenty of snow here and only -4C, bit of classic on the roads around Udny. Best of luck at Idre next weekend.