Friday, 19 November 2010

The Cold!

Negative temperatures have their benefits when trying to ski. For example snow melts at positive temperatures and it tends to rain instead of snow above 0.
But they also have their bad points. Too cold! Yesterday we had intervals scheduled on the plan, but they were canceled, why? it was too cold. So we planned to do them today, it was still too cold. And tomorrow is forecast to be just as cold as today. And by sunday it is too close to our next interval session to do them and have enough recovery time.
How cold is too cold? Well this morning the trusted norwegian weather forecast site said it was -23.3 here in Geilo. Brrr. I went out training for an easy run today.
Clothing list
-Thermal Top
-Thermal Bottoms
-Windproof Boxers -essential item of clothing for male xc skiers
-over trouser (windproof)
- woolly socks
-Gillet or vest (windproof)
-Jacket (windproof)
- 3 buffs
- Hat
- Glasses - essential to stop eyes freezing!
and the biggest pair of winter gloves you have ever seen!

i still got cold.

The weather forecast for the next week is more of the same. It doesn't look so fun but hopefully we will still get some good training sessions done.
It does bring some worries about next weekends Bulsprinten races when the temperature is meant to be as low as -26 during the day. Also some reports of very little snow there! could be entertaining!

Thats all from the cold

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