Saturday, 20 November 2010


Today we experience relatively tropical temperatures here in Geilo, it got as warm as -10! it felt like summer again!
I went out skiing this morning at 8.30, it was really cold! i wore extreme amounts of clothing and my body managed to escape without any real lose of temperature but as for my cheeks and forehead it did not bode so well. I wore my new Airtrim cold air mask. It helped a lot with the mouth and nose but it means you cant wear glasses (or i cant as the mask is in the way of mine) so the upper face took a beating.
After the morning ski i was almost 100% certain that it would be too cold to go hard today... but after going round to Erik and Fredrik's to watch the world cup skiing (posy musgrave 80th and Andrew musgrave 52nd) and seeing the temperature there we decided it would be ok to go for hard training today.
So we took full advantage of the summer weather and went out for the intervals we were supposed to do on thursday at 2pm, the warmest part of the day. Just before we get plunged back into darkness at 4.
The intervals went pretty well, i kept a good pace throughout them but still need a little more work before i will get my best results in the winter.
Pretty good day for both British skiing and myself, i would say!

check out the results from the world cup

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