Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Broken wrist - the full story

excuse the bad spelling and amaturish typing.
i am writing on a norwegian computer with one hand.
4 weeks ago now i took a fall doing some balance exercises in the gym. I thought my hand was just bruised as i went for x rays the day after and discovered it wasnt broken.
2 weeks after the accident my hand was still hurting so i went to the physio who said it was most likely broken and sent me to the docotors. I discovered it was indeed broken. The GP sent me for 8 weeks in plaster.
After that we spoke with a specialist. They asked me to go down to drammen near oslo for a meeting. So a week after going into plaster i went down to stay in oslo with erik from ntg. They gave me an option of 10 weeks in cast or an operation with a 2 week recovery then i can go skiing useing a splint.
So i got the operation yesterday 4 weeks after i broke my hand. Now i just have some pain where they cut into my hand to put in the screw.
Now i have a back slab or half cast on for 8 days. then i have to use a splint for training and the rest of the time i can just leave my hand as normal.
after 4 to 5 weeks i can start training without the splint.

I will try and upload some pictures of the x rays for you to addmire later.


  1. well, that is better news and means you should be OK for the World Juniors, no? I think I can do without X-ray pics as that sort of thing makes me go funny and faint - good job it is my sister that is the doc and not me. So best of luck, hope to see you Friday but if not k-e-e-p d-a-n-c-i-n-g - oh not not dancing - t-r-a-i-n-i-n-g!!

  2. i think i should get home ok tomorrow. doesnt seeem to be much problems with aberdeen flights. maybe a little delayed...