Sunday, 5 December 2010

Idre week

Just back in Lillehammer Youth Hostel on my way back to Geilo. I will spend the night here and head back tomorrow. So just a quick update to all of those avid followers that wanted to know i my first race weekend went.
The first race on saturday was a 10km skate race, i lead the juniors start to finnish and won by 10 seconds in the junior class. i was 4th overall and 5.6 seconds off the winner. A little disappointed as i wanted to win the overall.
Today we had a 10k classic race, i chose my skis on friday, perfect skis for hard cold weather. Perfect grip for the conditions too. But the conditions changed exactly 10 seconds into my race. It magically warmed about 4 degrees C and started chucking it down with snow. Resulting with slow skis and bad grip. I pushed hard and scraped a 6th place overall and 6th junior 25 seconds from the win. The best senior was only 9th place overall due to the heavy snow fall that came for the latter starters.
So all in all, a good race weekend with a few positives and a few things to work on.

more to come

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