Friday, 31 December 2010

Wrist Update

I recently had my seven stitches removed and a new removable cast fitted.
The removable cast is great. Its constructed from a similar material to that of a normal fiberglass cast then but down the middle and held together with velcro. It allows easy removal when i am not doing anything other than sitting around and most importantly it means i can take a shower without having to hold my hand up above my head. However it does now mean i am able to do household tasks such as washing up.
It is another step forward in the recovery... i can now ski with both poles using this cast. When we made the cast i took my ski pole in so i got it specially molded to my pole, so it is actually pretty comfortable to use except there is a little loss of control of the pole. I make up for this easily by using my fingers more. Just means i get sore fingers.
Im looking forward to get back racing next weekend in the new year. Hopefully my wrist shouldn't hold me back at all but if i have a shocker of a race i do have one reasonably legitimate excuse.

Happy New Year to you all.


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