Sunday, 9 January 2011

Liatoppen race weekend.

Liatoppen in aal norway marked my first race back for over a month. The results that followed were extremely bellow par, so bellow par i am not going to even go into details about them in anyway. I can come up with a number of excuses for the bad results... all of them completely inaccurate and wrong. The reality is i just skied bad. Everybody seems to think as well that the wrist support i am wearing will effect me badly, whilst yes it doesn't allow complete motion in my wrist it does not drop my performance by 25% of the field. If people aren't concerned that my wrist was bad they are then concerned that m health was bad as i got ill over christmas. I was ill for 3 days and returned to normal training almost immediately, on top of this the number of people that have been ill of the christmas period is huge... so it was not really a disadvantageous period. So now we have established there is no real excuse, please stop finding one for me.
I wasnt the only one to ski badly with many other people i know complaining that their races had been well bellow what they had expected or where they had been normally.
I had come up with many witty and self piss taking lines to describe how i skied over the weekend. I find a little comedy cures anything (including a bad race), however all of them escape me at this precis moment. Unfortunately this leaves the blog update with a rather negative and "down" tone. It wasnt my intention to make this the case, i promise you.
Perhaps if i had participated in the Clash Ski O this weekend i could have achieved some better results and at least there i would have been the tallest competitor, as winner rick newman is now smaller than me by "quite a bit". Please note that i chose to say he is smaller not that i am taller as i really dont think it is that i have grown!

All for now.

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