Thursday, 3 February 2011

Back in Geilo

To the untrained reader this blog post may seem a little like writing purely for the sake of writing. Well they might be partially right.
During my journey home from Otepaa, Estonia, i called a friend to see if they could pick me up from the train station and drive me and bags back to my apartment. I knew Erik would say yes with no problems, purely on the grounds that recently he has been complaining constantly about the lack of things to do in Geilo. I knew he would be clearly looking for any excuse to leave his house, if even only for 20min maximum. As he comes from Oslo i can understand his frustration at living in a small town with a different environment. But for me moving to a town of similar size to my town back home (both roughly 4500 people) i hadn't really noticed the lack of things to do until people started complaining.
Contrasting and comparing the two towns (Geilo and Huntly that is) i see Geilo as a step up. Set only on the grounds that it has a bowling alley. Sorry huntly but until you get a bowling alley you have no chance. The other thing to note is that Norwegians definitely enjoy their own space. Whilst houses are lined up neatly, with their allotted garden space around them, back home, here they seen to follow a completely random pattern and are spread out over several kilometers. This does cause a little nuisance as it means it is hard to be located near the bowling alley (which we have already established is the key social place in Geilo).

Here is a table of my findings...
Tourist attractions:
Geilo: skiiing
Huntly: skiing (ish), castle
Social activities
Geilo: Bowling alley
Huntly: Club B
Geilo: Skaver mountain
Huntly: The Clashmac (340 Moh)
Water features
Geilo: Usterdallen fjord (lake)
Huntly: the river deveron, the river Boggie
Geilo: Factory of hard wear such as tools, and kitchen implements
Huntly: Factory of shortbread and a factory of ice cream

Huntly provides the more rounded location, with a little bit of everything. A small ski center, a small night club, a small castle, a small hill, 2 small rivers. Perfect place to live if you are looking for a well rounded lifestyle with a little bit of everything.
Geilo doesn't do anything i half measures. Big mountains, big ski centers, huge trail network. Big forests, big lake.

You may be beginning to question my motives for writing this. Well it is really short and simple... You will probably have to be of a certain generation to understand this, please do not get confused and just ignore this if you dont understand.


  1. What a stupid thing to write

  2. thank you for your greatly appreciated comment, please be aware that it is not mandatory that you read this blog and you are welcome to leave at anytime. If you really feel that this blog update should be regarded as unintelligent i urge not read this this blog at all as this update is completely in keeping with in the general terms at which this blog is constructed.