Monday, 21 February 2011

Drammen, 19 today

Today is my 19th Birthday. I am taking a rest day after competing in Drammen World cup sprint yesterday. But there wont be any dramming ( a wi dram) today as my first race at the world champs in oslo is on wednesday.
The weather at drammen was spectacular with nice cold weather and great clear blue skies! I was a little worried about my skis as in Beitostolen the week before i hadn't had great skis. As i dont race that often in -16 it hadn't really been a problem up until now. But bengt worked some magic on the skis and they worked excellently. Bengt even had to inform ski-go on how to use their own products. Which is always a great laugh.
After a good warm up i headed to the start pen, wished muzzy luck and all the Norwegians i knew that were walking around. I was finishing the last preparations for my race when muzzy came to the finish in 28th. Excited that muzzy was in a finals qualifying position i headed to my start. I skied aggressively from the start before relaxing into a nice speed and worked on closing the gap to the Australian infront of me. I came up the long drag into the finish straight where they announced the top 30 without muzzy's name. He had come 31st. I immediately dreaded going back to the wax cabin and being bombarded with his misery of not qualifying and not scoring world cup points. Fortunately i had planned to do intervals after the sprint prologue so as to practice for the heats in the future and also to give a harder training to prepare for this week here in oslo. By the time i came back from intervals he had calmed down. We packed up the wax cabin and moved to our new hotel in oslo. Today i headed to the gym for a short recovery cycle. Looking forward to a pretty relaxed birthday and the world championships starting on wednesday with the 10km qualification race.


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