Monday, 14 February 2011

Finally, Norges Cup Points

Firstly, happy valentines day to all.

This weekend i raced in the second weekend of Norges Cup races for Juniors. The races were held in Beitostolen the site of the first world cup every second season. The plan was for a 10km classic on saturday and 30km skate on sunday.
I travelled over on thursday with the wax trailer. I was going a day earlier than the rest of the team as i had been invited to go and stay the night with Erik and his family at a cabin they were renting. We had a lot to do at the stadium such as waxing and getting skis ready for testing the next day so we got to the cabin pretty late. The cabin was the biggest i have ever seen! Apparently it cost 4 million norwegian kroner to build, it can sleep 14 in 5 bedrooms, has 3 bathrooms and sauna. And everything inside seemed to be designer. It has never taken me so long just to work out how the sink works or the lights work. Not to mention the cooked or extractor fan wich seemed to have so many functions and fancy buttons it was impossible to get the one you wanted.
After a night in the mansion in the mountains, we headed out for some ski testing and a little training on the race course before coming back and taking showers. Thankfully the showers were a little easier to work.
In the afternoon i moved up to where the rest of the ntg guys where staying. A big thankyou must go to the Braaten family for letting me stay with them and the endless cheering they seemed to provide during the race.
In the new cabin i was sharing a room with norwegian junior biathlete Vetle christiansen. He had decided we had to have the window open in our bedroom. I woke up at 3.30am and didnt get back to sleep properly because it was so cold. Despite this i deemed it worse to A) get out and shut the window or B) take down the duvet from the bunk above me (not being used). Vetle admitted in the morning that he also had found it too cold and couldnt sleep. I slept the next night in my thermals and with 3 duvet's gathered from all the spare beds in the cabin.
So onto the racing. The 10k classic was surprisingly and ok race for me. I finished 24th finally gathering me Norges Cup points although only a precious 7 of them. During the race i was pretty adamant that the splits i were getting must be wrong. I was dying a death after 5k but still my splits kept me in the same position, so i cant have been as tired as the others! Happy with the race i was looking forward to sundays 30k skate.
The 30k was shortened to 15k and the start time delayed because of the cold weather. Happy that it was 15k i felt i was on for a good race. Having a late start time was a little weird. I was almost one of the last starters. By my second lap of 5km they were already packing up and had basically announced the winner of the race. I had to problems in the race leading to a worse result. Firstly the temperature dropped considerably. As i was starting late, the sun dropped bellow the mountains and the temperature dropped. This led to slower snow and thus having to work harder to cover the ground. The next problem was that i wasn't skiing that well and was picking up lactate acid really easily. However i managed to ski an even paced race into 37th place.
Eriks family and some on the younger skiers from NTG were out on the tracks cheering. They really helped me along and i must thank them for that but when ever i got out of earshot i was also extremely thankful. It meant i could finally take a rest.
Good saturday, not such a good sunday.
NTG Geilo is now claiming itself as the best skigymnas in norway after the weekend.
Or at least for the boys. Thanks to the waxing team and coaches from NTG for helping me to my first norges cup points.

Now i look forward to w good weeks training before racing my first sprint race in while at the world cup in Drammen next weekend. After that it is off to Oslo for the world champs. Unfortunately this will mean i miss the Junior NM camp with ntg. (supposedly the best camp of the year) But today i found out the guys aren't aloud their computer with on the camp.... so im happy i dont have to spend a week away from my computer!


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