Tuesday, 15 February 2011

NRK wrongly claiming youngest wc start

So i have one claim to fame. I am the youngest ever male (on record on the fis website) to start a world cup. Now NRK the norwegian equivalent of the BBC are claiming that Norwegian Sondre Fossli will be the youngest ever to start world cup after he starts in the World cup in Drammen this weekend. http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/ostafjells/buskerud/1.7508153
There is a link to the article and undre the photo it claims he will be the youngest to start.

So in an attempt to keep my record i am writing this post:
i fist started in the world cup in Davos in december 2008. i am born in 1992. 2008 - 1992= 16.
Sondre will first start in Drammen in February 2011. He is born in 1993. 2011 - 1993= 18. although some fis talking revealed sondre will only be 17 at the time as his birthday isnt until late in the year.

So NRK please stop taking my record and giving to other people. Thank you.

Please note i do not wish to take anything away from sondre. He is clearly an amazing skier. One only has to look at his world junior results where he claimed the silver medal in the sprint.

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