Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Wind

I haven't updated you on the norwegian championships yet, but i will now briefly. At the Junior norwegian championships, for my age there were two individual events. A 20km skate and a 10km classic. I placed 15th in both. At the begging of the season i would have been hoping for this to be at the bottom end of my performances, but when considering all that has happened this year i am fairy pleased with the results. The skate race was good, but lacked the real competitive edge i have been looking for. It was also my first 20k individual race, so was a little shock to the system. Feeling fairly confident about the classic race, being a more favorable distance for me, i was excited to race it the next day. I started hard, but somehow still managed to loose a lot of time in the first few km's. During the second half i managed to limit the damage and come in 2nd later to move to 15th as later starters crossed the line.
The 3rd and final day was the relay day. I was placed on the 4th leg of the Buskerud 2nd team. The relay consisted of 2 classic legs of 5km followed by 2 skate legs of 5km. I was handed to in 11th, started hard but faded in the last 1 or 2k and ended up 13th.

After the nationals i have been back in Geilo preparing for the sprint nationals and Norwegian cup finals this weekend. I am looking forward to the skate sprint and the 20k pursuit the following day. I am hoping to move on and better my performances in the nationals, ending the norwegian cup season on a high note. I had intended to effectively end my season after these races, but the way things have panned out this year i am now able to do more races at the end of the season. So i have decided to attend the end of season races in Bruksvallarna, sweden.

The last two days here in Geilo have been the first signs of spring. Yesterday it was really warm, 5 or 6 degrees above 0, almost the whole day. This in itself probably wouldn't cause much problems, but that coupled with the gale or near gale force winds has lead to significant snow melt. The roads are a disaster, well the main road is fine, but the smaller roads that are normally ice or snow have become really soft, slushy, icy puddles. It makes cycling quite difficult with the continual sinking in. The winds, coming from the west and myself living on the west side of Geilo, have caused me great trouble. Getting home is nearly impossible. To cycle a normal 15min journey took me over 30min due to the strong head wind combined with the slush and ice yesterday.
The wind caused me yet one more problem. As the wind continued into the night, I did not really think it would cause a problem and left my window open in my bedroom as i always do. At 2am the wind thrust my window fully open. Which consisting of two normal window frames both double glazed, is quite impressive. As the window swung back into its position one sheet of glass in the complex window design shattered. My window above my bed. Covered in glass i slowly managed to get out of bed and sort the mess out. Fortunately only one pane of class broke out of the multiple that seem to make up the window so i was able to close the window and it kept the wind out for the rest of the night.
Having lost a half hours sleep because of this, i was slightly irritated when the wind kept forcing a tree or something infront of a security light outside my bedroom window keeping me up for a further hour.
My mother tells me that as a baby, if i went outside and it was windy i would i cry. If they went walking and i was being carried, and it was windy, i would cry. If i was being pushed in the pram and it was windy, i would cry. Well even now at 19, the wind still has the ability to make me thoroughly pissed off.
I hope its not as windy with you as it is with me.

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  1. Best wishes to your upcoming competitions, Andrew. You were able to do just fine on the past ones, so you really have quite a lot ahead of you. You really have a bad rift with the wind, don't you? At least the shattered window didn't get you injured or anything. You better fix it immediately, though.