Sunday, 6 March 2011

World champs oslo

So the world champs were not exactly great for me, but neither were they a major goal for me on this seasons calendar.
They started with the 10k qualification race, i didn't finnish the race as only the top 10 qualified for the 15k, i was sitting in 13th with awful skis and struggling to ski at any pace what so ever. at every up hill i struggled, and it being basically all up hill i was struggling a lot.
This would go on the to be the underlying theme of the championships... skis. Nearly every classic day somebody told me they had bad skis... It was clear in the results sheet too.
In the skate sprint i raced ok to 61st place but being honest it is a fair way from where i want to be competing. Again i was hampered by bad skis... mostly from my ski selection rather than wrong wax.
I didnt race the 30k pursuit and was happy i didnt looking at the amount of people who were lapped out i would have had to really fight to stay in the race. So i had an 8 day gap from the sprint to the relay. Then in the relay i didnt race as we were lapped out after 3 legs and i was taking the 4th leg. So i did a lot of training, ate a lot of free food and complained about the awful transportation and the bordom. Having left my norwegian book back in geilo, in fact all my books in geilo, i resorted to adding new music to my music collection, playing cards against other equally bored athletes and watching films. Oh an eating... free waffles at the race site really was a clever trick by the norwegians to fatten up the opposition.
So now i am back in Geilo after a disappointing championships if i am honest... Not just that i didnt ski amazing but it just didnt turn out to be all it was cracked up to be.
I went out for an easy ski today in the glorious sunshine which has given me a nice glasses tan... despite feeling that training had been disturbed somewhat in Oslo with track opening times, travelling to the track on transport that could take an hour or just 15mins. And travelling back. It made taking 2 sessions a day imposible, so i stuck to 1 and some easy jogging and a little gym work. Anyway i digress, despite all this, i felt amazing out skiing today so hopefully i have managed to work something good out of this and i look forward to competing and the Norwegian Junior championships (JNM) next weekend in Selbu near Trondheim.

I will give you an update from JNM next weekend. until then....

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  1. "Not just that i didnt ski amazing but it just didnt turn out to be all it was cracked up to be."

    Merkelig ting å si? World Cup var kjempebra, Petter Northug var naturligvis strålende.

    Høres ut som en bortskjemt drittunge din. Din høydepunkter var gratis mat og leke med iPod.

    Din klart å kaste bort din tid som skiløper, prøve noe annet i stedet.