Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring Time

I haven't written a post in a while. Not so much has been happening. Or at least nothing that has inspired me to write a blog.
However i thought i best keep my loyal followers up to date with my spring time adventures.
A combination of an abnormally cold and dry winter and a very warm and sunny spring has lead to snow leaving fast. Now there is pretty much no skiing bellow 1000m. It doesnt pose too much of a problem as there is still good snow if you can be bothered to go and get too it.
I have had some really good long ski sessions. And as a result i have caught the sun. If i was to bee seen kneeling one may mistake me for an umpa-lumpa. With a tidy headband line across my forehead and vague glasses marks around my eyes, i must say the look is clearly fashionable. I am not the only one, around town there are many people sporting this trendy new look.
The town has been busy, because of Easter. It also means that everything has been closed or on reduced opening hours. In my time in Norway i have met 1 religious person. And having asked a local, apparently only 30 to 40 people attend church in Geilo and 4000 person town.
So why on earth do the norwegians take a complete week off for easter and shut everything down? The norwegians take any excuse for a holiday! It feels like every city in Norway must be empty and the population has migrated to the mountains for a week. It is a pretty epic lifestyle. I feel it could quite possibly be one of the reasons you dont see fat Norwegians. Once a year they go and have fun in the mountains, the rest of the year they have to keep fit so they can keep up with their friends for this anual occasion.
It should be encouraged in Britain, although having a second home on the cairngorm plateau is not something i would wish for. Maybe kite surfing or liquid mountaineering, , can become part of our national easter celebrations instead of skiing and outdoor pursuits in norway.

The other thing about spring is the lengthened days and the shortened nights. Whilst making it very pleasant to be outside and providing lighting and a clothes driving mechanism it does pose one problem. Sleeping! However i have fixed my self a handy solution using my headband over my eyes. It only causes a little panic every time i wake up and cant see anything...

Anyway i think that is all the news i have for now.

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