Thursday, 5 May 2011

First roller ski, last ski, first running intervals

This week has been eventful.
On tuesday i took my first roller ski session of the year. It was relatively uneventful, appart from the messing around before hand trying to make sure my tips were on right, my skis still worked and i could remember how to do this. After 2 falls in quick succession, both within 500m of my house and both uphill, i was rather nervous about starting the actual session. The way out was fine, a nice relaxed pace uphill all the way to Ustaoset. The way down i was a little nervous with the high speed and bumpy road surface scared by the snow plough all winter. I got down safely and appeared to have all my falling out of the way, thankfully.
today was an early start and a drive up onto the mountains to take my last ski trip of the season. A nice easy skate session on the crust. Half an hour in we found an up turned boat beside a lake. The lak being still frozen with a few puddles on top of the ice. We took the boat, dragged it up a hill and the sledged down in it. (before returning the boat). This proved to be harder work getting it up and the fun from the down run. So we quickly gave that up before continuing on our trip. We were out for about 2 hours and its fair to say i have topped up my tan.
After a long break in the middle of the day, with a shopping trip, some packing and some napping, i had an interval session this evening. There is only one way to describe returning to running intervals, hell. We were doing 4 x 4 min on the flat. with a 2 min break. As we got ready, and chucked off our warm up stuff and bottle belts i noticed the Gjøran was wearing his black G sport running tights. These brought back painful memories as all last Autumn, dressed in this attire, he destroyed us all up every mountain possible. A couple of times i tried to hold on, only daring to look at his heels and hoping that the interval would end as soon as possible, or that round the next bend there would be a flat section.
Today however was a different story with the intervals being on the flat ground, and Gjøran claiming he wasnt in good running form yet. Despite this claim, he set off like Usain Bolt, I managed to run along side for the first interval. Felling pretty pleased i enjoyed the recovery before the 2nd. Into a strong head wind i stayed behind in 2nd place the whole way. On the 3rd with the wind behind us and slightly downhill, i ran along side again. Having to move my legs as fast as possible just to keep pace. The 3rd intervals was insanely fast. Covering a huge distance, after that i knew the 4th was going to be tough. I stayed behind again, teetering on the edge of being dropped the whole way. I finished the session feeling really good and pleased with my efforts. I cycled home, showered, cooked and ate dinner. Now i wish i had gone a little more controlled. My legs are throbbing and aching. I guess its just there way of saying "welcome to the summer".

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