Friday, 2 September 2011

Back to Norway, first camp

I have just finished my first training camp back with NTG geilo in Norway. It's safe to say i am completely shattered. I have come to this conclusion as today i had an involuntary 2 hour nap on the sofa. Whilst finding outrageous, and completely useless facts on the internet to do nothing with other than copy and paste on to my sisters "wall" on Facebook, purely to annoy her and make any passing reader think i am in intelligent. I fell asleep, computer on lap and all. 2 hours later, or there abouts, i woke to find the computer on the floor still playing the music i had on previously. Fortunately the computer wasn't damaged.
Anyway, now that we have established i am tired, can go on to tell you what i got up to this week. I flew out to Bergen and took the train to Geilo on monday. Tuesday was an over distance session, from Eidfjord, up over the Hardangavidda and back down to Geilo. For those than dont know, the Hardangavidda is the biggest plateau in Northern Europe, i am guessing in land area not necessarily height of the plateau. Eidfjord, as the name suggests, is on a fjord, at sea level. We skied up to over 1200m (3,937.0079 feet for those working in old money), the back down to Geilo at 800m (work out the feet your self). The total distance was just under 90km. This was an already tough session due to the length mainly. But in a sort of stubborn way i made it a little harder by going level 2 the whole day. So for 5 hours of skiing i had an average heart rate of 160. A little high but, hey it was a fun session.
The rest of the week was pretty dull in comparison. Train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep, repeat. Overall a good week.
Its one week to italy and some Glacier skiing now! So looking forward to that and being back with the British team. It has to be said that the most exciting thing is the thought of seeing a strange orange globe in the sky. I have to say the sun has been very good and not turning up this summer. So hopefully we will have crisp conditions on the Glacier and a bit of summer dow in the valley. There is always wishful thinking. Also having all the items i left at home that i actually need here, returned to me may be an exciting venture.

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