Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Lots has been happening recently. So much that i havent updated you all.
Firstly i went on a training camp to Val Senales in Italy with the British National Team. I got ill and it was pretty much a waste of time training wise, but we got soem valuable date in terms of what happens to my body at altitude, and i still trained over 10 hours in 3 days. To read about the camp and see some photos check out BNDS.ORG.UK My dad (head coach) updated there with some reports. And for once they are actually intelligible and quite good reads.
After the Italy camp i headed straight back to Norway for a camp with NTG at Skeikampen just outside of Lillehammer. This has to be one of the funnest training camps i have ever been on. Despite missing out on both the hard sessions, the long hours with the group training, and the constant entertainment the rest of the time, made for an enjoyable 4 days. At lunch and dinner there were digestive biscuits available. To Norwegians this seemed a complex and difficult thing to understand. Not biscuits in generell. Or the fact that you get them at a hotel. That is common in Norway. But Digestive biscuits, what the hell were these? Its fair to say i dug in. Taking stash loads back to our hytta, and eating them out training, in fact pretty much eating them constantly. After a few meal times a few of the others got hooked on them too. And they became christened "verdens beste kjeks". Or in english, "worlds best biscuits".
With the food in Italy being typically italian and outstanding, and in plentiful helpings being a buffet. Along with the amount of digestive biscuits i ate the flowing week... well lets just say its good i train a lot.
As i was ill and missed a bit of training this weeks planned rest week has turned into a high intensity week with 4 sets of intervals, but still quite low hours. Im back running after my shin problems, which is good. Ive been out on runs up to two hours. And i will take a running interval session later in the week.
Not much is happening this week as all the others are home this week so im the only one left in Geilo. Its great to get in some training, and feel "at home". I forgot to mention my apartment was slightly revamped when i was away, a new tile floor and new bed welcomed me when i arrived home. I have to say, it looks smart.
Thats pretty much all for now.
The picture is a picture i took of the guys out running on the first day in Val Senales. There is another story here, but i figure its probably best left for a while.
Over and Out.

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  1. omigod, what if you introduce the Norwegians to chocolate digestives? and then the next step HobNobs and chocolate HobNobs .... road to ruin!