Monday, 10 October 2011

Busy week

Just finished i busy week, or few days. Not in terms of training but in terms of Visitos! First of all i had my dad come out and visit it me. He stocked me up with suplies, and cooked me meal, and washed up. Nice to have a change with some else's cooking. He only stayed here for 2 nights before visiting one of the other guys on the team in Lillehammer for 2 nights, before going to Ramsau in Austria.
The day after my dad left, my friend Erik came to visit me for 2 days. We have the same coach, but seing as Erik lives down in Oslo and our coach lives up here in Geilo they dont see each other very often. So eriks plan was to take a training session with me on sunday before have a technique session and a meeting with Geir Endre today, monday. Things didnt quite go to plan. The weather forecast was for some cold weather, but no snow, maybe some sleet. We woke up on sunday to find the grass covered outside. We took a very long time to get up, hoping it would warm up and the conditions become favorable for roller skiing. As Eriks bed was in the living room/kitchen this consisted of him having breakfast i bed and me having breakfast lieing on the sofa. We would occasionally sit up to see if it had stopped snowing yet. At 10.30 we decided to head to the shops to get food for dinner. We arrived at the shop to find a post it note on the door changing the opening time from 10.30 to 11. By 11 the car park was full of cars sitting there waiting for the shop to open. Clearly there was nothing better to do yesterday. We bought about enough food to feed a small army.
After coming home and having one of the largest lunches ive ever eaten, we decided that we should probably go training now. Having seen some of the other guys out rollerskiing when we were at the shop, we could tell it was pretty miserable here in geilo, so thought we would be smart and drive down to the bottom of the valley, 400m bellow here. Half way down i commented that i thought there was more snow here than in geilo. A further 2k down and the road was white. Erik had winter tires on the car but clearly not everybody did. The trafic was at a standstill and the road conditions would have made it impossible to roller ski. So we headed back to Geilo. We went to the roller ski track. Did 1 minute and 8 seconds before deciding this was miserable. With our rollerskis covered in snow and our legs and feet all ready soaked we headed back and clocked up 3min and 16 seconds. Not exactly great when you are meant to be doing a 3 hour session. So we headed home got some shorts and went swimming. We did actually swim properly for about 1 hour, but with both of us in baggy shorts, and no goggles it wasn't exactly favorable training.
After that we came home, and the time being only about 4 o'clock, but both of us were starving so we ate out dinner that was actually enough food to feed about 100 people but we still ate it. I cooked us some brownies, and erik had bought ice cream so we even had dessert, wich isnt often.
The rest of the evening was spent slagging off, the norwegian weather forecast website and laughing at the fact we had trained 3min and 16 seconds. We contemplated telling people we were out for 3.16 and hope they made the connection to 3 hours and 16min.
In all seriousness, this is the problem that faces us in the Autumn. Yesterday i think we made the right call, the guys i saw out roller skiing weren't having fun. I feel it is stupid to risk it in snow and ice.
Today was a nicer day, but i trained inside, taking a running test on the treadmill and a strength session in the afternoon. There was still too much ice and Erik had to drop his technique session, and went back to oslo having accomplished next to nothing of what he set out to do.
The weather is meant to be nicer the next week before turning back to snow again in just over a weeks time, but then i am off to Mallorca for a training camp in the sun right before the winter comes.
I hope you have been more fortunate where ever you were this weekend.
All for now.

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