Saturday, 29 October 2011

More pics from Majorca

some pics from the final classic session that ended in the dark, and from the Sa Colobra hill climb.


  1. whereabouts in Maj/llorca? that's where R goes for his cycle training in February (if he is feeling up to it!)

  2. We stayed in a hotell called Fontanelas playa, only 3k from the airport and on the beach or waterfront. I think it is what is described as the "german" part. Most days we trained from the hotel, going inland a little bit, and there is nice rolling terrain amongst the 4.5 million almond trees on the island. One day we travelled over to other side of the island to ski up one of the mountain passes, we also did a bike session that took us over to that side of the island and cycled up and over the col de honer. not that big but good fun.

  3. Ah yes! Arenal, I think, is the German bit. They were at Taurus Park .. your hotel sounded familiar to him.

    This news will cheer you up! Your new BNDS beanie is on it's way to you via Huntly!

  4. according to google maps those two hotels are not far from each other. and we would have gone past, or very near to taurus park most days. It was just a few k down the beach from us.
    i have seen a very "flattering" picture of someone modeling the hats. The hat looked good, not too sure about the model?