Monday, 14 November 2011

3 Days on Valdresflya

taking a drinks brake
up on valdresflya

This year the snow had been late in arriving, very late. In the last 2 years skiing at Geilo started on the 22nd and 4th of October, we are now on the 14th of November and still there are not skiing conditions. However hopefully by tomorrow that will all change, as snow has been made on the cross country tracks, just not prepared yet. Because of this lack of snow across the whole of scandinavia, early season races have been cancelled and teams have been in search of training locations. The races scheduled for beitostølen, where i had wanted to participate, were cancelled. However 20k from beitostølen, u
p in the mountains, there is a places (wooden hut) called Valdresflya. Here there was snow. Not great amounts but enough to be pushed about and made into a 6.5k ski track. As the british team had accommodation booked for Beitostølen for the races, we decided to go across and train up on this track in the mountains. originally we thought the conditions wouldnt be that great, but after the first session our thoughts were reversed. The conditions were great. Of course there were icy patches, and occasionally there was a stone or 2 you had to watch out for. But for early in the season on a bad snow year, it was pretty good.
I took 2 sessions on friday, an easy classic and an easy skate. We had with us a guy called Andy from the Scottish institute of sport. He was specifically there to look at videoing and gps data. It was pretty cool to see your self ski on a video that took 300 pictures every second. This was quite useful, as the change from roller skiing to snow skiing is big. There are technique changes, and speed changes and also changes in the sorts of terrain you ski on. So the video helped to try and smooth out some of the technique issues that arise when you first get on snow. Dust off the cobwebs as it were.
On the saturday i took some controlled intervals. It
was pretty fun to go on snow, and i felt i skied pretty well. Although not that fast. We had
gps units on, so we could compare differences between each interval and compare to the others. Along with the cameras filming us to check out our technique. Yester
day i skied for 2 and a half hours. Just easy. the conditions werent as good as the othe
r days. The was a bit of sugar
snow sitting on t
op of ice. It had been quite busy over the weekend, and it wasnt so well prepared. However the classic tracks were ok, and there was good grip on universal klister.
Pleased with few sessions on snow i head back to geilo last night. This week is a training camp with NTG. We have a good few sess
ions lined up, and hopefully after tonight and tomorrow we will be able to ski on snow!
the view from the tracks

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