Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Are the rollerskis finished for the year?

As i said in my last post, i was skiing on snow last weekend. But i came back to Geilo for a training camp with NTG this week. Yesterday we had a time trial. It was scheduled to be skate roller skiing, but due to ice on the road it was changed to classic. It was a pretty fun race, mostly flat for the first 3 quarters before a massive up hill in the last part to the finnish. I finished 2nd behind mats whose "kjempe vingene" (good wings) served him well on the flat double pole sections. On a complete aside note, Mats from, Gaupne near sognefjell (the summer ski resort in norway), speaks i dialect that is imposible to understand. As mats also doesnt speak much english, we normally dont communicate in anything other than pigeon english, sign language and cave man speak. But finally, i have slowly started to comprehend the dialect and have discovered what mats has been saying. To be honest its not that much more than i understood via the previous discussed methods. Anyway i have digressed, apologies. After the test race we took an easy run in the afternoon, to our delight when we came back the snow cannons at the stadium had been switched on, although producing mostly water at this point. Since then the cannons havent gone off. Any water that was coming out is now ice. Today the guys at the stadium prepared us a track of about 1.5k. Although there isnt enough snow in the stadium, so we have to take a quick 5min jog out to the start. Its pretty much our own private track, although this afternoon there were a few others out too. Because the track is out from the stadium, it includes all the hardest parts of the track, which isnt great for doing some long distance session. But the way this season is going, nobody cares, we are just thankful to be skiing on snow. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, when i next have a ski session, there will be a loop on the go and we will avoid two way traffic on the fast downhills. Its pretty exciting to get skiing on snow. Especially when there are so many who havent, it feels like you are gaining a free advantage, although there is a long time to the most important races of the season. So hopefully, for now, the rolleskis are finished with and can be packed away. Although this season has packed a few surprises so far, i wouldnt be so shocked if we had a few more roller ski sessions yet.
might take a few photos tomorrow and let you see how the track is looking.
all for now.

read the article on Langrenn.com (you might have to use google translate). It says 3k, but im skeptical that the track is that long at the moment!

also a report here thats worth reading from the british team head coach


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