Monday, 21 November 2011


Last week was a pretty tough week, lots of training, a few hard sessions, and lots of early starts. Yesterday was a rest day and to sleep into to 8 o clock was an absolute joy. Most people my age would regard anything after midday as a lie in. However today i was back at it, with my first training session at starting 8 being a strength session in the gym.
Last week also marke the transition from dry land roller ski training to on snow training. At the stadium here we know have 5k of man made snow prepared for both classic and skate. Its great to be back on snow, i was completely bored, tired and demotivated to train any more on roller skis. Roller skis try to simulate skiing on snow, but they dont quite succeed, especially in the classic technique, where the grip wax is replaces with a wheel that doesnt go backwards.
So the focus of my first week on snow has been to get over the few technique cobwebs. And its safe to say, my love for classic skiing has re kindled. Most people think of classic skiing as tedious, with waxing, cleaning and preparing the skis. Then its slower than skate and generally a little bit more borring. But this was week has provided excellent classic skiing for me. Firstly i had an easy classic session, but as there was only 2k of tracks in the hardest part of the trails, we had to use the diagonal technique a lot in the climbs. It was prefect grip, and the feeling of striding and glide up the hills was awesome. The next classic session was a double pole interval. 6x6 minutes. This was a great session, i had complete control, and felt pretty good. So the work i have done on double polling over the summer seems like it might pay off. The last classic session i had was on saturday. Just an easy ski. It was raining and warm outside, so we had to use the dreaded klister, but once i had it on my skis it was fine with great grip. The conditions were slow, but to get the feeling of the kick and the glide under the ski was immense. To be honest i pretty much just sacked off going for an easy ski and skied level 2 the whole session, just so i could feel what its like to ski diagonal again. Nothing can compare to skiing snow.
So i quite enjoyed the training camp last week. We pretty much had our own private ski track until friday. Then it got a bit busier for the weekend. The camp officially finished on friday, but just about everybody had a 2 hour classic session on saturday, so we all arranged to go out and train together at the same time. That was pretty good, and it certainly helps to ski with others.
On saturday night a few of the guys went out for a well deserved pizza after the hard training week.
Now i look forward to some "easier" weeks, with some more intervals training and less hours, before the first race of the season, Bulspinten (Gålå) in two weekends time. You may remember last year i skipped Bulsprinter because it was extremely cold at -19 or 20. This year they have a complete opposite problem of no snow. So hopefully things will get under way there no problem.

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