Monday, 26 December 2011


Christmas is an odd time for cross country skiers. It is a crucial time in which huge advantages for the rest of the season can be gained, or huge losses. Its at the hight of the "flu season", and its also a period of a few weeks with no important races, so you can train harder or better, for the first races back in the new year. So if you can complete a good training period the gains are great, but if you get a flu, and spend a week in bed you loose a lot. Probably more than usual as the others have had a great training period.
Because of this i decided not to go home, and stay here in Geilo to get better training. Both Callum and Andrew from the British team where here with me for christmas for various reasons. Andrew is going to the Tour de ski, and so has to train well for that, Callum has been at uni back home so not had so much snow time. He came out to get some snow time before the first norges cup in the new year.
We had a few good training sessions, over the last week i have had a test race and two hard interval sessions. On christmas eve i also had a long ski session with muzzy, up in the mountains on some new ski trails for me.
The norwegians, i think maybe europeans in generell, all celebrate christmas on the wrong day. Just to be different. My landlord, who lives in the house above my apartment, kindly invited us up for christmas dinner with them in the evening of the 24th. It was a great meal, i got to try all sorts of new food and drinks. We were suitably well fed, but they demanded we ate more. So we did. After a fun evening, on Christmas morning we had a hard interval session together. 6x4 minutes. It was good session, although none of us are in our best form ever, we all had a good training session. The afternoons entertainment involved cooking our christmas dinner (mark 2). We had decided to have ribbs, the traditional norwegian christmas dinner. Having bought 3.75 killos of ribbs i was a little skeptical of how it was going to go. But Callum and Muzzy, the culinary magicians that they are, sorted out an excellent meal. We didnt finish the ribs but we did a pretty good job. Only a 3rd left in the fridge. After an early dinner, i was pretty full and could hardly stand, so spent most of the evening sitting down or lying on the floor. Callum and Muzzy had far too much energy, and whilst i was having a skype conversation with family back home, started playing a "throw the orange" game. In wich they had to throw a tangerine over my head, as close to my head as possible, without hitting me. Eventually muzzy dropped it and it split. The game the continued to throw the raw egg game. In which they would throw a egg, thankfully not over my head. Of course on of them eventually dropped it and it smashed all over the floor. They then played it again with a new egg.
I was far too tired to do anything and so went to bed at 9pm. The last thing i heard before i went to bed was "shall we play the egg game", "yeah ok", "it broke", "this was a retarded idea". Maybe that extra cup of mulled wine they had, had gone straight to their heads. Im not entirely sure what they were thinking.
When i woke up this morning the floor was clean. So no worries. But we have had to buy more eggs. Muzzy has now gone home to Lillehammer, and callum is here for a few more days. Although now the weather had turned pretty bad with warm temperatures and gale force winds. I opted for a rest day today, to recover from some hard training last week, and so i didnt have to venture out into the storm. Muzzy kindly drove us to the shop before heading home, so the fridge is well stocked with other things besides ribbs as well.
Hope you all had a good Christmas.

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  1. ... and here we cooked the turkey on the BBQ which is another custom wherever we Hatchers happen to be.
    It means there is room in the oven for the roast pots and snips!!
    Even my dad, your grandad, seemed to enjoy everything.
    Enjoy NewYear, if S&E manage to brave the roads and get there ...