Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Good start.

So the season has started! Last weekend i competed in Bulsprinten, moved from Gålå to Beitostølen due to no snow. The conditions in Beito were good, it snowed a little bit the whole weekend, so there was a constant top up of snow.
The first race, on saturday, was a skate sprint. I had an ok prologue finishing 4th, but i was 4 seconds down on the winner which was a little bit on the big side for my liking. My time also wasnt that quick in the senior class, taking me out of the top 30. However i was racing as a junior so i had qualified for the junior heats. (top 30 qualify). My quarter final or heat was pretty bad, i had bad positioning and i didnt feel great. I struggled my way into 3rd place to qualify for the semi final as a lucky loser. The semi final was quite possibly my best race of the day. I felt good, had good skis, and skied a tactically good race. I came across the line 2nd, right behind the eventual winner, both of us having completely eased off in the final few 100 metres.
The final was a tough race with people willing to take up the pace setting right from the start, i got positioned well, but out of a high speed corner i suddenly found my self back in sixth and last place. I had to fight my way round the long way into 4th, and by the time it was possible for me to pass more people it was too late and i could only catch one of the guys infront. I ended the day 3rd. Fairly pleased, it shows things are going how they should for this point in the season. Although not to forget the Norwegian Junior National team all raced as seniors and qualified for the heats, so i am aware that i would have been at the back on the final had they been competing as juniors.
On sunday it was the first distance race of the season with a 15k classic individual start. I felt pretty good the whole race. With a fast opening lap, before relaxing into a nice tempo for the middle section of the race. On the last of 3 laps i had plenty of energy and felt good. The hardest hill on the course lies inside the last 2k, i was able to attack it, make up a few seconds and fight my way into 5th place. It is a respectable finish, again showing that everything is working as it should. Of course there are some positives to take from the race, like the strong finish and some things to work on. Again the junior national team races as seniors, but they also went 15k classic, so i can compare the times quite easily. I was the 8th fastest junior, which is still ok, inside the top 10. It shows things can go as planned next month in the first norwegian cup. But it is important to remember that it is still over 2 months until the world junior championships. So there is plenty of time to find good form.
Now i am back in Geilo on a training camp. This is quite possibly the hardest camp of the year. The training is no harder of different that usual. But now it is dark. The sun rises after 9am and sets just after 3pm. Our first training session starts 8am and our second 4pm. So pretty much i only see the sun on the way home after the first session. Its hard to get up when its dark, and tough mentally to get out and train. But i am managing!
The camp ends with a small local race at the weekend called Golsrennet. It should be held 40mins away in a town called Gol, the biggest town in the area. But they dont have any snow so it will be held here at Geilo. Which is pretty handy.

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