Monday, 12 December 2011

SNOW! and other unrelated news

So it has snowed here. Finally we have enough snow to ski out from the stadium, on natural snow. The loop around the lake is complete, without stones, and finally winter has arrived.
And now for news that is completely unrelated.
Last week we had a training camp. But on Thursday i came down will a cold, so had 4 days off. Not entirely a bad thing. I had been getting a little bored of getting up early, getting out training. And a little tired. So now with a few days off, i am re motivated and recovered, to get back out training. its still over 3 weeks to the next competition so it shouldnt affect (or effect) me in any way there. Today i had my first session back, an easier hour of skiing round the lake.
Last week we had a ski session round the lake, in the dark. As it is pretty much permanently dark now. OK so its not, but the sun rises at 9.30 and sets at 3pm, so it feels dark. Geir Endre thought putting his head torch on flash mode would be good balance training for us. I quickly noticed it was SOS it was flashing. SO while skiing, in the mountains, it may not have been the cleverest thing to do. I asked if it was SOS, he said yes, but it was cool to have his head torch flashing. He did however turn it off just before the rescue helicopter arrived. OK so no helicopter came, but it makes a good story?
My advent calender sent out by my mother arrived today. As a child, i was never aloud to be normal and have a chocolate advent calender. Instead this is a home made one, with little bags full of surprises. Normally pieces of a jigsaw puzzel. Then on the 24th a clue to where the box was hidden so you could see what you were actually making. This year is the same. But i am intrigued to see where they have hidden the box.... But also this year, on the 6th, i got face wash. Good to see my parents care about my personnel hygiene. Also some dried apple and mango. This was todays, the 12th. Actually this is a pretty good one. They were scoffed in less than 10mins. The other "theme" this year is Christmas tree decorations. But all the old crappy ones i made in primary school, of unidentifiable Christmas objects. Clearly they were deemed as clutter, and not good enough for the tree at home this year. However this is not the major problem. Having been away for many Christmases now, and spent a few in random lodgings around europe i know the Christmas trees have a tendency to randomly appear when Cally and Muzzy are around (will explain shortly). However in Geilo there arent really any Christmas trees to appear from somewhere, being manly Birch trees. Whilst yes i have hung a few of the decorations on the pot plants, there is a limit to how much they can take, and its not the same really.
Yes, Muzzy and Callum are coming for Christmas. Callum, being at uni, hasnt had much snow time, so is coming out to get some snow training before the first Norges Cup in the new year. And muzzy is planning on going to the TDS so needs to train over Christmas before that. So a mini training/eating camp shall occur. It should be fun, i cant wait to see what sort of concoction we cook up for Christmas lunch.
Geilo has a new supper market. Whilst this may sound completely dull to you, this is quite possibly the greatest thing ever.
I burnt my arm on the oven today, before proceeding to pour boiling water on my hand when draining pasta. Apart from the occasional cooking mishap, everything else seems to be fine. I washed the bathroom today and generally tidied up. Its amazing how much mess you can make just by being ill for a few days. Without the energy or the will to do anything other than lie down and watch skiing or biathlon on the TV, the mess had accumulated. But now everything is back to the normal ship shape.

I must have given you enough, completely useless and unrelated news to last a lifetime.
Merry Christmas.


  1. not crapy decorations ... more special :)

  2. have a good Christmas, there will be goodies in Huntly that are prohibited on planes so your mother and sister can't bring 'em - you'll just have to get home sometime!!

    from an unrelated one! (OK, I'm lying!)

  3. Merry Christmas Andrew! Just found your blog (after your family's Xmas newsletter) and will keep popping in. We follow quite a few blogs, mainly ultra-running related. So yours is interestingly different. All the best for your skiing season! Silke & Thomas