Sunday, 22 January 2012


The summer and autumn is when most of my training is done. By the time i have got to the winter i am preparing for racing. Which means, less and harder training, and lots of resting. The best was to rest is to sleep. To rest enough, i try to sleep 12 hours a day, or at least be quiet and inactive for 12. This means a fairly early night. During the winter most training is shifted to the middle of the day, so as to train in daylight. Instead of the 8am and 4pm start times for sessions most days i train one session starting from 10am. On the days i do train twice i start at 9 and 3, so as to get some vitamin D.
Because of this cycle of training, with the largest amount being done the the summer and autumn, as soon as you train a bit more in the winter it feels weird, and out of place. This past week i trained 17 hours. Not that much, and certainly 2 or 3 months ago this would have seemed strikingly normal if not on the easy side. But now we are in winter, this felt like the most training i haver done in a week. Resting was reduced, and the typical hour and half training session became 2 hours. I look at my programe from the week, and i think wow its full. At only 17 hours, i have no idea how on earth i manage to train more than that per week in the summer. Let alone my longest week of 30 hours. It feels like i must have added extra days or been working on a 26 hour day not a 24 hour day. My brain knows i managed it, and i know this week wasn't THAT much, but my body is telling me otherwise. It was not prepared to ski for over 2 hours again.
Naturally with training a little bit more, and longer easier sessions my form or shape has dropped a little bit. Its hard to have top form or shape all season, so with a small gap between important races ive taken the opportunity to allow it to drop and hopefully build back up into even better form.
Next week training ressumes to normal, with almost an exact copy of how i trained over christmas. Medium hours and high intensity. 4 hard sessions are on the plan next week. It will be fun to go harder again, and hopefully set me up well for racing the following week.

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