Sunday, 6 May 2012


The season ended with Skarverennet...  The race, which carries little, but lots of importance, didnt go all that great.  In some ways its the end of the season and nobody cares about the results but ont he flip side its always great to finish the year off well and beat people you dont normally or get higher up and ski with some of the top international guys.
After Skarven i needed i 2 day break. 
After a little break training resumed.  Or not really training, but just having fun.  The conditions have been awesome here. In fact better than the entire winter.  I have been out skiing up to 4 hours in one session.  After skarven only a 25k loop was being prepared but a crust had developed on the snow and we could ski out over everything.  Skiing had been so much fun and the conditions just lead to wanting to be out in the mountains for a long time. So until today i have trained over 2hours skiing every day for the last 2 weeks.  So much for a break from skiing in the spring.  
The weather has been great too, with sub zero temps at night and up to 10 degrees during the day. So as you can imagine the sun tan is immense. Stripy forehead from my hat and hands from my pole straps. 
Today we had a disaster.  Winter had returned this weekend, with temps as low as -7 and lots of new snow.  However Øyvind was convinced there would still be crust skiing up in the mountains.  We drove up, it was -6 and lots of new snow. maybe as much as 15 to 20cm sitting on top of the crust beneath.  We skied for 15min, decided it sucked so ran 30min.  I had down a 2 hour ski for today. When i got home there was still lots of new snow on the roads so i couldnt rollerski, and the tracks have stopped being prepared since the norwegian bank holiday on the 1st of May.  I waited until this even so the sun had taken the biggest effect and the wind had blown away some of the snow so i could roller ski. 
This was the first roller ski of the year.  All i can say is urghh, its the most disgusting feeling ever to change back.  everything feels wrong, timing is out and the sensation of tarmac under foot compared to snow is horrible.  i forced myself out for 1 hour and 15min.  Came home completely shattered.  Muscles that i hadnt used in a long time where rediscovered today.  Its going to be a long summer if this is how rollerskiing feels.  
It didnt help that it was -2 and about -500 with the cold wind.  Somehow rollerskiing in mallorca seems much more appealing.  

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