Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Hard week, and easy week, a medium week.

Yes that's a lot of weeks. It's also less than a week until the two week long london Olympics.

Training has been going pretty well recently. Two weeks ago i logged a 28hour week, and last week an easy week with 17hours. Now im on a medium week, which should be around 22 hours by sunday. July and August are going to be longest months in terms of training this year, so it sounds like a lot of training, but im really enjoying it. I get into a rhythm, and just keep going. Wake up, eat, train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat, sleep. Its been going pretty well and i have been feeling good, but my form is far from good! I had a running interval session with callum last week. He officially gave me a lesson on running with poles, as he thrashed me up Bennachie.
We have also been giving it bore in the gym. 4 sets of 5 reps, and gym sessions quickly become 2 hours long. These i havnt enjoyed so much, they just hurt.
On my easy week i also managed to squeeze in a few driving lessons and pass my driving test, only 3 years after i was old enough to drive, but hey, better late than never.

On Saturday the national teams summer camp starts over in Badaguish, near Aviemore. The plan looks pretty good, but the weather forecast doesnt. The continued bad weather seems set to continue even longer. Today and yesterday have been sunny, and its just as well, as i was beginning to grow tired over 14 degrees, rain and grey all summer. The eternal drying of boots, running shoes and wet training kit has started to get a bit borring now.
Anyway, as the camp is coming up, our American/British team member, ingrid, is staying here a few days before the camp to get used to the time difference. Of course this leads to "banter", otherwise known as slagging American politics, healthcare system, use of finite resources, gun laws (ok perhaps the gun laws is a little bit distasteful in light of recent events). Simon has also been up in Aberdeen doing some kind of placement for uni work, with "retired" british skier Brendan Gabriel. Yesterday evening he drove to callums house and me and alex drove over the meet them. We trained an easy skate session together, of what i thought was an hour and half to two hours, but Callum either thought i was joking or had just ignored me, and not until we were out for 1.40 and realised we were miles away from his house that this was going to be a long session. I had no food with me, and only water in my bottle belt, and only a banana in my bag back at the car. We were out for 2.35, fortunately i managed just not to die of starvation.

Looking forward to the camp now and getting some more sessions done with the guys. There is only the 4 of us going from the senior team and 2 of the girls. So we are pretty small numbers, but it should be good fun.
4 years ago, at our summer camp, i remember rushing back from training to switch on the tv to watch Chris Hoy and rest of the team GB win gold after gold after gold. I also remember have to make the difficult decision as the wether i could run inside from the car and watch the end on tv, or wether i should wait and listen to the finish of events on the radio. Hopefully this time round will be equally exciting, and what's a bonus is that i have tickets to events in the second week of the games. Cant wait!

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