Friday, 31 August 2012

London to Lillehammer

Due to a prolonged period without internet i haven't updated for a while. But the short story is, the london olympics where amazing. I think they re-kindled the nations passion for sport. As i sat on my uncles' boat, moored in St Katherine's dock in central london, watching Mo Farrah run the 5000m i realized the olmypics had changed sport in our country. With my head stuck through a sky light watching a small tv, upsides down as several people crowded around the tv. With comments being passed to those above deck who had missed out on the front row seats. At 1200m to go people had started to lose intrest declaring Mo couldn't win, but by the time it got to 300m left the boat was starting to sway as people shouted at the tv. Not only this small sail boat, but the boat moored two spaces down, the flat looking over the dock, the cafe, the pub and the hotel. Everywhere had a noise of excitement. As Mo strode away and won, beating the "might of Africa" and claiming his second gold medal the entire area erupted into cheers. 5min later Team GB won a gold in boxing, and yet more cheers could be heard.
This 20min time span summed up the Olympics. Everybody was watching, willing and wanting success. And i think it changed the way sport is looked upon in our country.

Shortly after the olympics i traveled out to norway. I have moved in to a small house in Lillehammer where i stay with two other skiers. It's a nice little house, except for the first 12 days we had no internet. But now successfully installed with both internet and tv things seem to be running a lot more smoothly. It is hard to believe we even coped without internet.
Training has been going well, a lot of hours recently and a few hard sessions. This week i had a running with poles interval session up the alpine resort Hafjell. They are having a world cup downhill mountain bike race in a few weeks and we ended up running down the world cup trail at the end of the session, which was pretty cool.
I have also been to see my first Norwegian film without english subtitles. Kon-tiki is a film about the norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, as he sailed across the pacific ocean from south america to the Polynesian Islands on a raft constructed of balsa logs in 1947. Anyway i survived and just about understood everything.
Next week im going to be going on a training camp with the british team in Torsby at the ski tunnel. Apart from that, not much is on the cards. All for now.

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