Monday, 1 October 2012

Team Lillehammer open camp

The last 4 days i have been away on an "open" training camp with Team Lillehammer.  The camp was in Skeikampen, at the top of Gausdalen, not too long from lillehammer.
There was a good mix of people on the camp, and surprisingly, there was more girls than guys.  Which, if someone looked at a results list from any ski race last winter, they would realise it was impressive.  There were a lot of new things to me on the camp.  The first session was a 10x4min interval session.  I had never done anything like it and didnt know what to expect.  It turned out to be a really hard session! We started down on the valley floor at a place called Øyer and skied up the side of the valley back towards skeikampen.  The first 7 intervals where all up a really long steep rise.  Then we had a flat  interval before heading up the final stretch of climb for the last two.  I had a good session and kept up with the rest of the group including leading the all important 8th interval on the flat.
The next day we had a 3 hour run in the morning.  We climbed up on the top of the hills and ended up running for 2 hours in snow.  It had been cold early last week and snowed a few cm's on the mountains.  It made for a good fun running trip and with a good feeling knowing winter was just around the corner.  The afternoon session was an easy classic roller ski and also something new for me.  We had an upper body strength section during the session.  It basically consisted of going up a really steep hill using only our right arms then only our left and then both together.  It is safe to say i was rubbish at this!  It wasnt so much that my arms hurt it was more the fact i just couldnt do it.
Saturday came along, and it was time for the second hard session of the camp 6x6 min running with poles up to the top of the Alpine hill.  Everything was going ok until the 6th interval... where i well and truly died.  It was a great session everybody worked well and the focus was on having a good session instead of destroying each other. After the intervals everybody went to the spa at the hotel.  It was pretty good to have different types of saunas and an ice bath!
The first session on sunday was a plyo bounding session. This was again something new to me... and something extremely hard.  It pretty much involved "jumping" up hill on one leg... then the other leg and then both legs.  I say "jumping" but after the third time round nobody could jump it was more of a stumble, shuffle, crawl up the hill.  The were where more pain faces being pulled than Tommy Voeckler  has in his entire career. On sunday afternoon we drove down to lillehammer and had an easy rollerski here before ending the camp.
It was a good camp, and i learned some new stuff which is always good.  What is more important is my car made it up the hill to skeikampen and back down again without any problem!

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