Thursday, 16 May 2013

Back at it

Now halfway through May, we can truly say the new season has begun.  I've started off pretty slow, some long ski sessions, a few short running sessions and some combined running and rollerskiing sessions.  Although rolleskiing and skiing are essential the same thing with the same movements, they are very different.  Transitioning from one to the other takes a toll on your body and wears you out.  The same with switching from short recovery jogs in the winter to long running sessions in the summer.  So I start off pretty slow with both of them.  Slow, easy and not very long. Now I'm starting to build up again, and i should log a solid training month.

This season I am once again without a private domestic team (norwegian). During the summer and Autumn I will be training mostly on my own and at National team training camps. The plan at the moment is roughly one training camp a month, in a variety of locations. The first of which is the 9th of June at Sognefjell in Norway. It is a similar model to what we used last year, but this year there will be some more time spent at altitude as the cross country stadium at Sochi is quite high.
In the winter it will pose a few more problems. Last year I only raced in Norway at fairly local races to Lillehammer or i was with the British team.  This year I will be racing more In Norway as the World U23's are later than usual, and the logistics or travel, accommodation and waxing I will have to sort my self out. Not to mention on in the longer races I have to get my drinks sorted, and splits etc. Before the 50k this year I didnt have anyone to do drinks for me until 30min before the start. None of these things are a particular big issue alone. But together they provide small nuisance.
Training wise, I don't think I should be effected.  It is exactly the same situation I was it last year, and it worked out ok.  Living in Lillehammer makes it easy to train. To train in Lillehammer and not meet another skier out training at the same time, you have to be trying hard.

As the new season has started, I have been spending some more time in the gym.  The gym is located in the basement of Håkons Hall, which was the Olympic stadium to the 1994 winter Olympics. I have discovered only 3 types of people occupy this gym. Ski jumpers, Ice Hockey players and xc skiers.  All very different types.  The ski jumpers have a disregard for what is humanly possible, folding themselves in half with their heads down by their toes.  Then they pull out their party trick.  The standing jump.  Everyone in the gym turns to watch them as they jump up from standing to have their feet to somewhere near chest hight before forcefully slamming their feet in the ground.
Next the ice hockey players.  Cap, compression shirt, baggy shorts and compression socks. Everything is reebok (lillehammer ice hockey club sponsor). Hockey players have a remarked disregard for technique in the gym. But otherwise they are machines.  They are in the gym the longest of anyone, and they shift some serious wait.
Then there us xc skiers. Coming in somewhere in the middle. Trying desperately to match the ice hockey players on the dumbbells, failing miserably, and trying not to be amazed by the jumpers... because really that's not a sport, I mean all they do is chuck themselves of a big hill... XC skiers also like to be in on the latest fads. They see one video of Øystein Pettersen training strength with rubber bands and suddenly everybody is there with their legs bouncing up and down in rubber bands attached to the ceiling.

The Ice Hockey world champs has also been on the TV, seeing Norway with a disappointing early exit in the rounds. It included Canada smashing Norway by some ridiculous margin, however I didn't get to see much of the game as the tv was abruptly turned off when i started cheering (being half canadian and owner of a canadian passport) as Norway went 3- 0 down in the first period.

Tomorrow is the 17th of May.... Norway's national day to celebrate their independence from Sweden. (although i have it on good authority that they were taken over by Denmark 3 days later?). And then on Saturday "The Tour of Norway" (cycle race) is coming to Lillehammer. Hopefully Edvald Bossen Hagen can repeat his victory in front of a home crowd from last year. It should be fun to watch.  They pass 20m from my front door, so it is kida obligatory to go out and watch, although i might head to one of the tough climbs towards the end of the stage to watch.

As it is a new ski season, as a new years resolution, I will update here more often. Although not as often as Noah Hoffman, the american skier. He has been updating his blog so often, pretty much daily, that he is so low on content that his latest blog was titled "Hair Cut".  I promise never to stoop to such levels as i feel that i MUST update with anything and so go out and get my haircut just so i can write a blog.

Enough news for now

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  1. hope you keep your new season resolution, it's good to have something to read over breakfast:)