Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Back in Lillehammer

So I'm now back in Lillehammer for a few weeks of training before the first of two altitude training blocks with the British team. The idea has been to train a little more intensive these two weeks as it is harder to train intervals at altitude. I got here last night and arrived to find the driveway was no longer a drive way but a pit. Fredrik and his dad appeared from the pit. They have been doing up the house, so we now have wood panelling instead of concrete walls. The garage is being converted into a wax/storage room, and so has been enlarged and given a door. The insulation and flooring are going down in the garage at the moment. The pit is to build a new staircase down to the basement. The plan is a new entrance, bathroom, living room, kitchen and a few bedrooms down in the basement.

The last week since the camp has been pretty relaxed on the training front. I have been tired and so just trained one session every day. I felt pretty horrific after the camp. I had to sleep a lot for the first few days and i didn't really feel fully recovered until a few days ago. I had some good sessions though. Notably my last classic rollerski session in Scotland. Aberdeenshire is pretty much prefect for classic roller skiing. Lots of small single lane roads between the fields, short ups and downs, lots of terrain to keep you entertained for those long sessions. I have really enjoyed my classic training this summer, and so i have probably trained too much classic! I noticed this towards the end of July when i had a look at my training diary. I was quite lopsided to classic. So i have made a few changes for August where i hope to get in more skating and running.
Last weekend we celebrated my Grannies 90th birthday. Granny was clearly excited about it as she was running around like an 80 year old! We stayed in a hotel and had a posh evening meal. The next day we had a guided tour of a castle over on Royal Deeside. I was dying to sit down for the entire tour but granny was able to just about run up and down the spiral staircases. I can only hope to be in that sort of form by the time i'm that age!
My mum and dad left for a summer holiday on monday. They did the typical going on holiday trick and planned to have no food left in the house by the time they left. Naturally they had completely forgotten that i was there for a day longer and my sister was going to be at home the entire time they were away. I had been wondering why there was no fruit, and fridge had been a little empty. Sarah did some shopping and cooked me dinner on monday night. It was a shock last night to have to cook for my self again after having been home for a month.

For those of you interested in british cross country skiing or even just blogs in general, or even skiing in any way, then you are in for a treat. Fiona Hughes from the British senior squad has started up a website/blog. Her goal was to have less spelling mistakes than me and be less boring that Noah Hoffman (you can see and decide for yourself). I'm sorry Noah if you are reading this... doubt you are... but anyway... you do have to admit you update your blog daily, and as much as i like seeing you pizza whilst you make it, whilst you cook it, whilst you eat it, i think we could do without it. Even admitting in some blogs that your are low on content really shows you are scraping the barrel. Shorter blogs with just the exciting stuff, please.
Alex has re-started his blog... with new pictures and everything! He even has a twitter feed at the side! So posh! Anyway at the moment he has video of the ski treadmill from Stirling up... worth a look to see what that is all about.

Perhaps the most important thing I'm going to write about today is this. Long story short... There is a gap between how much training and events the British Senior Squad needs to do for qualifying and performing at Sochi and how much money the squad has to do this. Please support the squad, read the article in the link above, you can donate at this link here. Any support we as a squad get is hugely appreciated.

If you have twitter you should follow @GBnordic for updates from athletes and training camps. The hashtag #britishnordic is now being used by individual athletes on relevant tweets, so you may wish to follow that for updates as well. You can view my instagram profile here for picture updates from what i've been up to. Again the hashtag #britishnordic will be coming into use there from individual athletes from the british squad. So look out for those.

I think i have written just about everything. I'm sorry to have bombarded you all with so many links. But i have just discovered how to do links on here.  I'm sure it didn't work before... but now it looks like it should work. All of them are worth a click to see what is going on in the British xc skiing world.

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