Saturday, 5 October 2013

Too quick to judge?

I may have been to quick to call Autumn pretty much disgusting in my last blog...
Here are some photos from this weeks training. After having received a complaint about never having photos on my blog I though I'd give you a treat.
Welcome to October.
Early morning Elghuf session

Managed to be in front just in time for it to get caught on camera.

The front group on the last interval. We did 6x5min.

The Peltonen's aren't mine. As much as I want to lay claim to them just for the sake of saying I have a set. 
As we are nearing the ski season it is time to dust of the skis again. Quite literally as the work going on in the basement at home as covered my skis and ski bags in a coat of dust. I added some skis to my collection this year and picked them up this week. Then we went through all my race skis and selected the ones I needed new stone grinds on. (Restructured bases). I'm pretty happy with ware I'm at with my skis now. Although I still have to test on snow to get an idea of the bigger picture. I'll do some testing later this month in Val Senales, but most of the testing will be when I get back and have all my skis back from grinding. Yesterday afternoon was spent scraping wax off skis so they can be ground next week.
Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the next few weeks. I have a pretty hard training week next week, and the week after is a bit easier before I go back to altitude with the British team in Val Senales. Last year we had a great training camp there, and this year I'm not expecting anything less. It's nice to know now that in less than 20 days now I will be back skiing on snow. Not long left on the "summer" season.

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