Tuesday, 26 November 2013

It's Begun

So the season has started. I raced all 3 events at Beitostølen last weekend, and to be perfectly honest with you I didn't exactly set the ski world alight with my performances. I don't really want to dwell on the races too much so in brief.
 Friday- (With help from my trusty thesaurus) substandardpoorinferiorsecond-ratesecond-class,unsatisfactoryinadequateunacceptablenot up to scratchnot up to par,deficientimperfectdefectivefaultyshoddyamateurishcarelessnegligent;dreadfulawfulterribleabominablefrightfulatrociousdisgraceful,deplorablehopelessworthlesslaughablelamentablemiserablesorrythird-ratediabolicalexecrableincompetentineptinexpertineffectualinformalcrummyrottenpatheticuselesswoefulbumlousyropyappallingabysmal,pitifulGod-awful. 

Saturday - all rightfinein order,acceptableup to scratchup to the markup to standardup to parcompetent;adequatetolerablepassablereasonablequite goodfairdecentnot bad,averagemiddlingmoderateunremarkableunexceptionalinformal hunky-dory,so-sofair-to-middling,

And Sunday -  shamefulhumiliating,mortifyingdemeaningdegradingignominiousupsettingdisconcerting,discomfitingdiscomposingconfusingflusteringagitatingdiscountenancing,distressingdiscreditabledishonouringdisgraceful

There are a few positives from the weekend; I went slightly better on saturday than on Friday so my form should be on the way up, and my technique was acceptable even if my form wasn't there. 
It's safe to say that if I am going to do as well as I want to and as well as I think I can, then there is a lot of work to be done. The important thing to remember, however, is that I have over 2 months until the most important races for me this season. A lot can change in 2 months. And a lot will change in that time. 

    Now I'm back home in Lillehammer before racing BUL-sprinten at the weekend. BUL-sprinten has a pretty bad track record. Last year only one race ran due to the cold, the year before it was moved due to no snow, the year before it happened but it was so cold only about 15 people races, the year before that it was cancelled due to the cold. Each nation and each organiser has a cold limit for the minimum temperature that athletes can race in. It is often spoken about as -18C but I have raced as cold as -20C, and at that temperature racing becomes a problem for the athletes organisers and everybody involved. So races get cancelled. 
    This year, however, Gålå has snow and the forecast is "only" minus 10. In fact it is even forecast to be plus 5 there tomorrow! 
    I'm going with my club which is going to be fun. I changed club in the summer to Bækelaget Sports Klubb. Fredrik who I live with, is in the club, and they have a few good junior skiers. It also means we will have a relay team at nationals. 
    Today I had 2 training sessions a long ski with just about every other skier in Lillehammer. The tracks up at Sjusjøen were packed with everyone out for an easy classic ski. I had a few sprints at the end of the session to keep me sharp. This afternoon was running and strength on the plan. And guess what? The gym was packed. Everyone in there was a skier! From what people were saying it looks like tomorrow everyone is going have a skate interval session. I'm planning on 5x3mins to add the final touches before Gålå. 

   Over the next few weeks my training is staying pretty hard with a lot of intervals sessions or races, but otherwise not too much. Hopefully Gålå will show i'm going in the right direction and Lillehammer world cup the week after will be even better. But only time will tell. 

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