Sunday, 1 December 2013

An Apology

There is no hiding. Anyone who was in the stadium in Gålå yesterday would have realised the organisers here acted as if they had never held a ski race before. What happened was a shambles, and quite frankly a disgrace. It has left me in a situation that isn't right. I have effectively "cheated" my way to 16th place, when really I was 31st. 
In a sprint prologue the top 30 go through to the heats. I was originally announced as 11th, then 29th, then 30th. I have woken up this morning and checked the official results to find out I was 31st. However yesterday there were clear problems with the timing system. I knew something was wrong as my position kept changing but then I was officially announced as 30th. After that nobody knew anything, and anything we did know was changing every couple of minutes as a result list changed. Don't forget that a change in one position in result can move your quarterfinal time my 25mins. So finding out when you were starting was impossible. 
Now the new official result list has come out and I was 31st. Meaning I should never have gone in the 1/4 final. I should never have had the possibility of moving up from 31st, yet on the official results from the heats I'm 16th and I narrowly missed our on a semifinal spot as a lucky loser (4th lucky loser, 2 go through. For me it is rather embarrassing. Yes I want to be racing heats, and finals. But getting to them only because the organisers have messed up isn't fair. It's not fair on the athletes I took positions from, it's not fair on me, gifting me positions I didn't deserve. If I had known what was going on I would never have started the quarterfinal. 

The classic 15km starts in just over 3 hours for me. Lets hope the timing goes better and I can do better than 31st :)

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