Sunday, 1 December 2013

Andrew Young Typical Days Training

I've been asked to do a blog in the style of a day in the life of... So here goes. I chose 11th of june because I've got a good film from that day, and it was quite a typical training day for a training camp. 

The day started at 7am with breakfast. As we were on a training camp in Sognefjell I ate quite a big breakfast with porridge, some bread, boiled eggs, coffee, fruit juice and some fruit. 
Just after 8am I headed out for my first training session of the day. A long skate session with some speed work. I wrote in my training diary "long skate session with speed, quite good speed session. Felt a bit strange in the start but towards the end of the session I had a few good sprints. Good session" The session was 2hours 15mins with 30min of that being speed work. 
After training I came in and hung out my training clothes to dry, before showering before lunch at 11am. Lunch was a cooked meal with potatoes, sausages, salad and water. 
After lunch I got a massage from Thomas before heading back to bed for a few hours. 
At 3pm I woke up again and got dressed for the next session. Then I head for second lunch. Bread, cheese, fruit juice, breakfast cereal and fruit make up the meal. At 4pm I headed out for my second session of the day
The plan for the afternoon is a long classic session with a lot of technique work. After the session I had a 10min jog cool down and 30min of basic core strength. I skied for 1hour 30min. I wrote in my training diary "easy classic with technique work on double pole and diagonal. Some double pole exercises, skiing no poles and with one pole. Afterwards a jog and a little bit of core work." 
After the session I came in and had my second shower of the day and headed for dinner at 7pm. As we are in Norway dinner is yet again potatoes! Potatoes and Salmon, with some over boiled vegetables. We got a treat with some ice cream for pudding! 
Straight after diner we had a team meeting and evaluated the day and went over the plan for the next day. Before I headed for bed I had an individual meeting with the coaches to go over the video from the training sessions during the day. We looked at what I had done well that day and what I needed to focus on for the next day or the rest of the camp. 
After that I had a few spare minutes to myself. I sat and watched TV in the lounge area with all the other athletes training there before heading to bed about 10pm. 

And there you have it... a pretty standard day on a British team training camp. Eat, train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat, sleep. 
The video here is all the technique video from the day. It's quite long and it's just the raw footage with some music over the top, but it gives you an idea of what we get up to when we are training. You'll have to excuse the occasional sloppy "summer" technique and the remains of the off season that are still present...

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