Tuesday, 3 December 2013


The 15k Classic in Gålå went quite well for me. It's been a long time since I've finished a classic race and immediately thought that it was good race and that I was able to push myself hard the entire race. My technique worked well and felt good the throughout the race. The weather threw a few surprises on sunday and there were big differences in the times. Because of the race being run on a 2.5k loop the start intervals were set at 45seconds instead of the usual 15 or 30. So there was over 2 hours from the first start to the last. The wind was strong and gusting all day, and it was snowing on and off. So it helped if you got a slightly calmer period of weather. The time gaps were huge. Although I ended up 27th I was 2.58 behind the winner. The weather, the shorter track and a number of other factors probably cause the gaps to be bigger than normal. 

Eirik, the coach in my club, got some good pictures of me racing over the weekend. I've posted some of them here. 

Sprint Prologue 

My sprint heat with Sindre Hammerlund to the left and Torin Koos to the right. 

I had a good finishing straight in my heat and finished 3rd

About halfway into the classic time trial

Skiing with Tord Asle Gjerdalen, who ended up second 45seconds behind the winner 

6 laps is a lot to count when you are tired. So I had to check with Eirik that I was on my last lap

The wind had blown loose snow into the tracks... so I skied almost the entire race out of the tracks 

Every second is important in time trial racing

Now I'm back training in Lillehammer before the world cup here on Saturday. Its going to be fun to see how I compare to the best guys in a classic race at world cup, as I haven't done one for years. Also going to be fun racing on my "home" snow, although I've never skied the tracks there as they are completely new... or a revamped version of the 1994 Olympic tracks. 

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