Tuesday, 17 December 2013


When I crossed the finish line of the sprint prologue in the Davos World cup on Sunday the stadium speaker announced that I had done a "sensational" prologue and had qualified for the heats. I went into 26th, and as a few later finishers came in I ended up 29th. I didn't think I had been skiing that well in the prologue but I nailed the second half quite well. The times were so tight and the smallest of gains could mean jumping up quite a few positions. From 29th to 39th there was 0.95 seconds separating us. Less than a tenth of a second per position.
As I was top 30 I qualified for the quarter finals... it's kind of like Scotland getting through the group stages at the Football world cup. I'd made it through the group stages. My quarter final went quite well. I went a bit too fast and wasted energy fighting for positions in the first lap. I would have been better off waiting for the second lap. But I had fun, learned a lot and got to ski in amongst some of the best skiers in the world. I've skied heats against good skiers in Norway before but never in a heat where all 5 of the others were realistically a potential for the podium in that race. All of the others in my heat had previously won world cups, 2 of them had been overall sprint world cup winners, and i'm pretty sure they have all been in a final together before. Just to beat even one of them would have been huge, and i showed that I can ski with them and I'm not out of place at the level of competition. The gap isn't huge, it's something that will be hard to close, but after having skied with them I thinks it is possible.
I really enjoyed the experience, and now I have 2 world cup points to my name.
After the race on sunday we drove to Livigno in Italy. I'm going to spend Christmas here altitude training before the Tour de Ski. The plan is only to do the first 4 stages of the tour. There I should get some good competition training before the Norwegian Nationals, U23 world champs and hopefully the Olympics. 

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