Monday, 12 May 2014


I think I might be finally starting to get a little bit healthier. I'm still waiting on some bloodtest result before I start training again and I'm still being cautious. Unfortunately I've learned the hard way about being over eager and coming back to training too soon after illness.
Being ill for 3 weeks isn't really all that fun. In fact it has quite possibly been the most dull and boring 3 weeks of my life. When the highlight of a day is the 15min trip to supermarket, you know you are not exactly leading an exciting life. I've slept a lot. Watched a lot of TV and a fair few movies. Having spent the best part of 3 weeks horizontal on either my bed of the sofa it came as a relief when I finally felt up to doing something a few days ago.
Although not training for all this time has given me time to do a bit of a review from last season and a bit of planning for next season. Last season I trained 755 hours, you can see in the graph how it was dealt up monthly.
Graph of my training hours from the 13/14 season 
I think I trained pretty well last season, although I made a few small mistakes in September which had a few knock on effects. I trained too much in my rest weeks if I felt good and didn't rest enough. So when the hard weeks came around I didn't feel good enough to push it and often trained less than I had planned. The result was that I ended up training 6 "medium" weeks in a row. I only increased my training a little bit from the previous year. About 35 hours. Which really isn't that much. So I felt good and in control of my training for most of the year. Looking back at some training logs, I think it was only in July and for a week in October where I was really on my limit.
This year I'm going to increase my training hours by quite a bit. I intentionally planned not to increase much last year, and I feel as if this year I can handle a bigger jump. The hours will be split up like this.
May: 75
June: 85
July: 95
August: 95
September: 90
October: 90
November: 75
December: 50
January: 40
February: 40
March: 45
April: 50
total: 830

Obviously I probably won't manage 830 hours as I've already missed half of May and I'll adjust the hours to how I'm feeling and what I think I need closer to the season. In terms of what those hours will consist of, it will be pretty similar to last year. I'm going to focus a bit more on sprint, so there will be a bit more speed training than last year and a bit more sprint work closer to the season. But throughout the summer I'm going to be training like I did last year... just more of it.
Someone asked me a question about what type of run training I do. I was looking at my online training diary which gives me some statistics. If I exclude my strength training and only count "moving" training. Then 88% of that is slow. Totally last year of the 750 hours I trained 555 of them were slow with my hear rate bellow 140. My running follows the same pattern. It is mostly easy. Last autumn I started doing a bog or marsh run weekly. I had a 2 hour loop where at least 1.15 of that was in bogs and marshes. I think it is a fun way to train and little different from plain running. It also takes out some of the impact of running. My hard running sessions are mostly in the form of bounding or running with poles. In the start of the summer I'll do some running intervals. I normally start with something like 3x10min, mostly uphill, with 2min breaks in May. Then as the summer goes on I'll start  doing stuff like 6x5min and 6x6min, bounding with poles uphill, I take 2min breaks where I run back down the hill. When I'm in Norway I run them up Hafjell, where the alpine skiing was held for the 1994 olympics. I have once got to the top doing a 6x7min interval but normally I get 3/4 of the way up. The car park is at just under 200m above sea level and the summit is at just over 1000m. With running down in the breaks, it is quite typical to ascend 800m in a hard running session. I rarely run hard on the flat or on the track. I've never really had a coach who thought I really needed to. I've also never really thought about it. I'm not training to be a good runner, I use running as a tool to be a better skier.

Being ill has also given me time to go through all the photos and video I got from last season. I've put together a video with some of it. Unfortunately it is all of varying quality and some of it is quite grainy. But take a look anyway.

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