Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Last of The Summer

Summer is now over and we move one step closer to the ski season which is less than 3 months away. Having survived summer without any major problems, I'm left with a sort of "phew" feeling. By the end of August training had started to get pretty tough. The volume of the summers training was starting to catch up on me and I felt exhausted. I knew I had to make it to sunday and then it would all get easier. Thankfully coffee and peanut butter and honey sandwiches exist, otherwise I'm 99% sure I would still be lying in a ditch somewhere along a training route from about Tuesday last week. Luckily I survived and made it through to a rest day on Monday.
When I planned out my season I had always planned to have a huge volume period of training over the summer. Before easing back in the Autumn and upping the intensity of my training. Both July and August were planned to be 95 hour months and both ended up at 100. In fact August was 101. According to Legkov's instagram he trained 101 in August as well. So naturally I will go just as fast as him in the winter? This month I've only planned 90 and I'm planning on being a little stricter on my session times and only doing 2.30 when it says 2.30 and not 2.45. Hopefully these extra 10 hours will give me a little extra energy I didn't have during the summer. From now on it is important that my training is carried out a really high quality and hopefully having a little bit of extra energy will allow me to do that.

Last week I pretty much spent my time either in bed, training or walking around like a zombie groping at the fridge and eating just about everything. But I had quite a good training week. I did quite a few sessions with the other guys on Team Synnfjell. And for the first time ever I did the Mjøsa runden. Slightly embarrassingly, having lived in Lillehammer for over 2 years, I'd never done it before. It's a 60km loop around the big lake which Lillehammer is beside. I'd set off to do it with a group two years ago but we did the first 25km and decided to do another loop in the other direction. Other than that I'd always used other routes for my long sessions. Just over half way round I managed to break my rollerski tip on my pole. Then I managed to snap the bottom of my pole off when I tried to change my tip. So I ended up doing the last section alone and with 2 poles of different lengths. I rang up Exel and got a new pole delivered immediately and they also sent me some gloves for the season. You can see the route we went here.
My hands are definitely going to be colourful this season. 
I also had a good 5 hour session with Svein. We skied for 2.30 before running for 2.30. We ran from his house so I learned a few new running routes. It's always nice to learn some more paths and routes so I can add them into where I run and get a bit more variation.  Alongside the easy sessions I had 2 quite tough sessions. The first was a sprint session, where we simulated a sprint race with a prologue and heats. It wasn't my finest session ever and I was quite a way behind where I want to be. But it is 3 months until the season starts and 6 months until the really big races so there is more than enough time to get better. The other hard session was un uphill bounding session.You can see the session with the altitude graph and everything here. We ran 7x5min but used the first interval as a warm up. We ran up the alpine ski slope at Hafjell, which luckily is open in the summer for downhill mountain biking. This meant we could blag our way onto the Gondola for the way down, which is much nicer than running down with tired legs. I felt good during the session and used the first few intervals to get going. For the last 4 I ran at the front of the group but at the end of the last interval one of the others was able to run away from me. I didn't quite have the extra punch legs to keep up. Unfortunately I won't be able to run intervals up Hafjell this week. Lillehammer is hosting the mountain bike world champs. So the hill is being used for the downhill and parts of the cross country competition. They probably wouldn't  appreciate me bounding my way up the hill as they were trying to race down. 
By the time Monday came around I was really pleased it was a rest day. Yesterday I had a bit of different day as well, with a lot of driving. I picked up my new skis for the season from just outside Oslo. Then I had to drive them to the other side of Oslo to get them ground and then I had to drive home again. It's not often I drive for 6 hours in a day so this morning Im trying to unravel my self from the car seat position I seem to have adopted. 
The rest of this week is quite straight forward. Fairly easy training and two hard sessions. Tomorrow I'm going to have a hard skate rollerski session. And at the weekend I'm going to have a hard running session on the running track. Next week I build up to a medium hard training week before having an easy few days. And the week after that is my next training camp with Team Synnfjell. 

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