Saturday, 17 January 2015

Falun Failure

Just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. The scandinavian cup in Falun last weekend wasn't exactly a triumph for me. A series of near misses. Nothing went drastically wrong but a few things weren't quite right and I ended up with a pretty rubbish result in the classic sprint. That night as I was going to bed I didn't feel so good and the next day I woke up a bit ill so pulled out of the race. To start off with I thought I was just bit under the weather and would be back after a few days off. But here I am 7 days, 2 blister packs of paracetamol, 1 jar of honey, 2 bulbs of garlic, 2 packs of "doc" throat lozenges (one liquorice, one eucalyptus), 1 box of "riccola" throat lozenges (herbal flavoured), 2 rolls of toilet roll and 1 roll of kitchen roll (for blowing my nose), 8 sachets of hot chocolate, 1kg of carrots, 4 grapefruits and 12 clementines later  and I've still not started training yet. 
I ended up with a pretty full on flu and spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed. Since then I've been recovering slowly and I hope to be able to train again tomorrow. But it is probably not going to be before Tuesday next week that I'm back to "normal". 

Naturally it is pretty annoying to get ill now. I haven't been ill since a virus put me out of action for 4 weeks in April and May last year. Since then I've had 2 days off training. Other than that there I've done something every day. This year I've had pretty much the perfect build up to both the u23 world championships and the world championships. Until now. I haven't been training yet so I'm yet to find out how much this will have effected my form. But it is highly doubtful that it will have helped me. With only 10 days to the Norwegian championships and 16 to the U23's I'm going to have to make some changes to my plan and try and get into some decent shape. Quite what or how I will train hasn't been decided yet, the first step is just to get back going again. I'm quite aware of the fact that all my previous best results have come after weeks of build up, and that my body needs a few good races to get its self going. For example my best races so far this year have been after 5 and 7 weeks of racing each weekend. So hopefully we'll find away to kickstart my body into racing well in a few weeks. 

There has been a lot of media coverage for British cross country skiing recently which has been great. I've read quite a lot of it and really appreciate the support and the fact people a picking up on the hard work we've put in and results we've got. I though it would be appropriate to make a list of all the top 30 (world cup points) performance by British skiers in the current system. One list is for stage races and another for individual world cups. I know the formats in our sport are sometimes confusing but these are the official results from the FIS website. So the British Team has taken points 23 times since New Year 2011/12, 7 times in normal world cups and 16 times on stages, and twice 2 skiers have been in the points on the same day. 

World Cups and Overall Tour standings
18. Sochi, SK sprint 2013 (Andrew Musgrave) 
20. Davos SK sprint 2014 (Andrew Young)
20. Tour De Ski 2015 (AM)
26. Tour De Ski 2014 (AM)
27. Lahti SK 15km 2014 (AM)
27. Gaelivare SK 15km 2012 (AM)
29. Davos SK sprint 2013 (AY)

Stage World Cups. (individual stages) - For pursuits the time on the day is in brackets 

11. (1).  Toblach SK 25k pursuit 2015(AM)
11. Val Mustrair Sk Sprint 2013 (AM)
13. Lillehammer SK 10k (AM)
15. Val Mustair Sk sprint 2015 (AY)
17. Oberhof SK 4.5km 2013 (AM)
18. Val Mustair SK Sprint 2015 (AM)
20. (20) Val di Fiemme SK 9k Pursuit 2015 (AM)  (hill climb)
20. Toblach KL 10k 2015(AM)
21. Oberhof SK Sprint 2013 (AM)
23. Lenzerheide Sk Sprint 2013 (AY)
26. (8). Val di Fiemme SK 9k Pursuit 2014 (AM) (hill climb)
26.(25). Oberstdorf Kl 15km Pursuit 2015 (AM)
26.  Lillehammer SK sprint 2014 (AM)
27. Lenzerheide SK sprint 2013 (AM)
28. Oberhof SK 3.75km 2011 (AM)
29. Toblach SK Sprint 2012(AM) 

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